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  1. Just got my approval for revision from sleeve to bypass due to severe GERD. How has your journey been?
  2. Does anyone know how long the approval process for revision surgery with Federal BCBS
  3. I just had a Bravo Ph test done and my surgeon has already called for a follow up appt. I have had severe GERD for years. Hoping he will do a revision to solve the problem.
  4. Did Upper GI last month and going for a Bravo Ph procedure next week. What are the indications that would require a revision? Hope someone knows.
  5. I have been having awful GERD lately. Doc sent me for an Upper GI and I'm scheduled for a Bravo PH test in a few weeks. Has anyone done the Bravo Ph test done?
  6. About 5 years out from Sleeve surgery and have about 60 lbs of regain to lose. Wondering what the best tasting protein powder is. Been drinking Premier Protein but would like to start making my own shakes. Thanks
  7. I am 2 years out from surgery and for the past year seems like I have gas constantly. I'm not sure why; does anyone know what might be causing it. Thanks
  8. My sweet tooth is worse now than it was before my sleeve surgery 2 years ago. In the past few months I have had a few instances of low blood sugar drops and a few times when I drank something too sweet and it made me sick.
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