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  1. Questions on the Lap Band

    Thank you so much Jennifer. It really helps the jitters when people reach out and tell you how they made out. I am really looking forward to the surgery. My original date was 4/28 but they changed it to 6/2 GRR but whatever I can wait... lol Right now I am in the "trying to lose weight before surgery day" lol that is fun. thanks again Eileen
  2. Questions on the Lap Band

    Hello, I am not being reversed. The previous poster did. I am having the lap band on June 2nd. They changed my date from April 28th GRRRR It's all good. I really can't wait. Good luck on your banding. Eileen
  3. Questions on the Lap Band

    woooo whoooo I have my surgery date April 28th. I can't believe it came that fast. I now have to cram in all the pre-op dr's this coming week. Thank you all
  4. Questions on the Lap Band

    Thank you all for your very helpful info... This will be greatly appreciated when I finally get my banding..
  5. Questions on the Lap Band

    OMG sooo sorry to hear that. As long as your back on the road to recovery that is what matters. I will look for your story, Thanks again
  6. Questions on the Lap Band

    Thank you for your advise... why are you being reversed? Did you lose too much? thanks
  7. Questions on the Lap Band

    Thank you Val, I am looking forward to the lifestyle change... I am always hungry and after eating a protein bar I am looking for the rest of the box... so I am hoping that this will be my savior, then help me get back to a healthy lifestyle AGAIN Thanks for your info... and keep on losing!! Eileen
  8. Questions on the Lap Band

    Is there anyone out there who is willing to talk to me about the Lap Band process? Please.... I would like to talk to people who have actually had it done. Thanks all.....
  9. Anyone Out There From Long Island?

    Thank you for replying .... Buffalo is cool..... I am trying to get someone who can let me know the ins and out of the lap band.. most people on here seem to have gotten the RNY. I didn't get my lap band yet I am in the process of it now. You know all the ladeedah before hand. You did soooo good with your surgery. Keep up the good work!! This is a good thread, Thanks again from Long Island.
  10. Hi, Just wondering if there are any Lap Band people out there from Long Island NY.
  11. Hi everyone, I am just starting my journey with the Lap Band. I am interested in how people feel right after the surgery. Do you have to stay on liquids for a while, when do you get to start eating? Right now my nutritionist is having me eat real slow and chewing the food real well. (I always eat too fast) It's a hard habit to break. Thanks everyone.
  12. Hi everyone, I just came upon this thread by accident. I am very pleased to see there is a lot of helpful info for me to read through. Am am interested in talking to people who have had the Lap Band. I see mostly the RNY. So if anyone wants to share I am willing to read.. The technology out there for over weight people is amazing. Thanks everyone.