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  1. 150lbs Down-Before & After

    Wow! Unbelievable!
  2. Nearly two years out!

    Thanks ladies! You all look like you have had some AH-mazing transformations as well! <3
  3. Nearly two years out!

    Thank you thank you!
  4. Nearly two years out!

    Thanks for the sweet comments. Hope to reach my goal by Christmas
  5. Nearly two years out!

    In October, I will be two years out. Still haven't reached my goal yet. Having this surgery didn't help me with my depression, which I was hoping it would. I had a bout of it this past November through March. It did help with my PCOS and my confidence. What surprised me is how much changed in regard to the way OTHER people treated me. Truly surprising, but also really aggravating that peoples' humanity and treatment of others is based on your physical appearance!!! Stats: Height: 5'5" Before surgery weight: 260 lbs Current weight: 136 lbs Total loss: 124 lbs lbs to lose to reach goal: 12 lbs Some attached photos: *Two photos from the summer 2012 (my surgery was October 1, 2012) *Three photos from 2014 (The selfie was taken just this last Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014 )
  6. Just an update. Mom is doing much better. The emergency surgeon said it is a miracle she lived through the severe sepsis and then two surgeries three days apart. For the second surgery, the bariactric and emergency surgeons were involved. She was in the ICU for 10 days, then in recovery for almost three weeks. Now she is at home with an at-home nurse. As of right now, she doesn't need the TPN, but if she starts dropping a lot of weight, she will probably need a port put in where TPN can be given.
  7. My mother got surgery about 6-7 years ago. She had told us it was lapband. She lied to all of us (except Dad) and actually had gastric bypass. I am not sure why she lied to us for so long especially since I have gone through my own gastric bypass surgery in October 2012. She never once gave up the ruse. She is now in the ICU having just had emergency surgery on Saturday. She started feeling unwell last Monday and seemed visibly confused. This concerned my Dad (I live abroad and have heard everything from my Dad), so he urged her to go to the hospital. My mom has had a rough GBS journey, so is used to pain and discomfort - it is now part of her life. She refused to go to the hospital and maintained everything was "normal" and she was "fine". Finally, this past Wednesday Dad convinced her to make an appointment with her GP (or surgeon, not sure), which would have been for this upcoming Wednesday (a week after the call for an appointment). This past Friday, she said she was feeling better and Saturday morning, she couldn't move and was unresponsive, so Dad called the ambulance. She was rushed into emergency surgery Saturday afternoon and it appears that her small bowel became perforated last Sunday night or some time on Monday and it had been leaking excrement into her body for 6 days! The surgeons removed all but 18 inches of her small bowel; it was unsalvageable. She has severe septic shock, which normally occurs 12 hours after bacterial exposure and the symptom is confusion. So her sepsis was evident Monday and nothing was done until Saturday! I am surprised she is alive. She has her 2nd surgery today to reverse the GB and reconnect what small bowel is left. Obviously, I am extremely worried and will wait to see how things look after this surgery today before I make the decision to fly home. I am also really upset she lied to me this whole time and why she felt she couldn't tell me, especially after my own surgery and journey! I think this highlights why it is so important that we listen to our bodies so closely now. We have done a change that is unnatural and we MUST listen and respond quickly to reactions our bodies have! Don't ignore it and wait for it to go away!!!! Does anyone know someone with such a short amount of small bowel left (18 inches)? How did they do post-op? I am worried she doesn't have a good chance of survival post-op with such a small amount of small bowel left...
  8. Does anyone else get bloaty gas pains when flying? I got off the plane in Italy and the pain hit my left side right off the plane like a knife. I could only walk about 50 feet at a time before I had to sit and ball myself up to make the pain stop. It was so debilitating that people pushed me up to the front of the visa line because I was freaking them out. I thought I needed to go to the hospital, but instead I went to sleep in the hotel for three hours and felt better when I woke up. Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. Halloween NSV & 30th birthday!

    Thanks so much, Cinwa! I felt so good wearing that (which was odd)!!!
  10. Wow! What a difference! Never thought I could wear a costume like this!!!!!
  11. Clothing NSV!

    Totally! The energy is the best part!!!!
  12. Clothing NSV!

    Went to the Rihanna concert and I never thought I would ever be a size to wear this type of outfit (or the confidence to do so)!
  13. What did your docs say about the lack of weight loss with GBS?
  14. Alcohol?

    People here have given very helpful advice. I wish I was better at following it myself. I had my first drink - a glass of red wine - 6 weeks out. Now I have about 4 to 6 drinks per week (mostly on weekends). No more, no less than before surgery. With that said, how I react at any drinking instance (in terms of quantity and how much I can drink) is completely unpredictable.