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  1. i am having the same problems.. pains and bladder problems.. think it is from dropping so much weight in my legs and back area.. i hate to have surgery to remove the skin.. seems l have lost muscle in the upper legs and behind.. have one bladder infection after another.. seems like we have more skin than we should.. hope you find a doctor that will listen instead of diagnos..will talk to my weight loss doctor and see about remving the skin from the top part of my legs.. oddly enough i am having food issues too. take care newbie and keep in touch
  2. this makes me feel better to know someone else has the same fear.. the thing my dr told me after the last visit is now you have a battle to keep the weight off and i think that stuck with me.. that i would gain back lbs.. i will try to eat nuts and avocados.If you are like i am you still go into the xxx sizes
  3. i have gone below my goal but am concerned i have lost too much .. same regime of eating and i am in love with dates so there is my sugar craving. i stop eating about four for five in afternoon and eat alot of splenda.. i am trying to figure out what i can eat so i just maintain ..any suggestions.. i walk alot and am very active.. i think this surgery was a blessing as i have some joint issues.. so if you can add something i can drink or eat that tastes great ..please let me know..
  4. to leorajs: I have had the same experience, and i am in your age group. I wish you much luck with this and i would encourage you to use some B12 and add some liquid protein drink to your daily regament., my doctor gives me a script for injectable B12 and it seems to keep my energy up for awhile. I enjoy your posts
  5. i have been on humira and enbrel for years til i hit medicare age and then i go in to have the injection in the doctors office which is cheaper for me. i hust had a gastric bypass and am waiting for the next month or two to get back on remicade. it not only helps your hurts but it slows the progression so would advise you to get on it if you havent already.. i am excited that the weight loss will help my joints as i am pretty active for a senior and refuse to let any of this get me down. i wish you so much luck and if you can stick to the ra medicine. i wont take methotrexate , just my preference.. .. take good care..
  6. i had the lapband four years ago..and it slipped.. they went in and revised it to a bigger band.. a 14cc... so i kept gaining weight slowly.. then i went in , drank the good stuff and they found out it was already constricted as tight as i could get it.. something bothers me about the size of band being changed. but i went in about three months ago and drank the good stuff and still it was constricted but no weight loss.. i told them to let the filler out of the band.. made an appointment ,, had this last band removed and while they were in , i had a gastric bypass at the same time.. i wish you better luck than i had . if you dont ear for awhile it will shrink the tummy.. but the band was useless for me..
  7. hey sixty somethings .. thanks for the heads up.. the soreness is leaving.. i am doing that protein first thing in morning.. am still on liquids... will be glad to get to the beans again.. i think i was shocked when i saw my tummy from one end to the other so bruised but it was done laproscopically., now i need to start learning how to eat again. coffee tastes awful.. used to get my rush from that. ha. need some quick fixes on how to get that protein in and keep it up all day.. have a friend that does mozzarella with green peppers each am. any ideas?? nice to be able to talk to someone that has the same problems..
  8. hi there.i have three types of artey and i want to let you know that the weight loss will really save you.. i had my third surgery on july 31.. a lapband revidion and the the removal finally a gastric.. i am so sore .. i am on remacade which is the last version of therapies for arthritis.. i went off it in june to have this surgery as it weakens your system when you have the remacade.. so far .. not a bit of joint pain.. i dont take pain pills so i know in heartbeat if the joints are going to twon.. hope this helps you.. juneann
  9. seems like i am weak and the sweet taste of protein is not good.. had a revision of lap band to a gastric bypass. have the protein first thing and then water.. hope this gets easier.. i am in my late sixties.. anyone else that is in the senior years..