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  1. When I was able to start eating solid protein I felt like my energy returned. For me that was a while. It will come back though.
  2. Half Marathon Training....Only a short year ago I was dreaming of surgery and I can't believe how far I've come!

    1. weight4change


      I am so excited for you.. I am your starting weight and not even had surgery yet... I love your energy so similar to mine. Having bypass in Oct. Last weekend my good friend directed a first half marathon 600 runners it was crazy and I got to volunteer I kept thinking this time next year I will be hopefully in a mind frame of training and doing this.. My first goal is a 5k at our gym with friends. I have all friends that exercise, run and all healthy eating.. I am glad for a great support tea...

    2. SkeleTON


      Awesome weight4change...A support group of friends to train with would be awesome. Unfortunately I do everything solo. I don't have a local support group, I just get online when I need some motivation. Thanks for your kind words. You are capable of more than you ever imagined, you just have to believe you can do it! :)

  3. Working out is finally in the mix and it seems to not only have broken my stall, but helped me lose a pound a day. Loving it while it lasts :)

  4. Thanks everyone! My tattoo is quickly "wrapping" around my arm That's why I'm waiting to have the piece finished
  5. Down 50 pounds and feeling much better.
  6. I rarely come to TT anymore, but I must say seeing your post made me smile. I should visit more often....miss your posts!!! You look AMAZING!!!!
  7. The way my surgeon and nut explained it, when you have such a small caloric intake, your body goes into famine mode and your basal metabolic rate drops. If you can stay at 1000-1200 calories (probably more for men), you are more like a "normal" dieting person and will get your body burning calories again and the scale should move. I was stalling at 4 weeks out because my calories were so low. When I started consuming 1000 calories on a regular basis, the weight started falling off again.
  8. 3 months post op, Half way to goal! 51 lost 51 to go :)

    1. Nani1280


      That is awesome!!! Keep up the good work. Glad to see youre doing better ;)

    2. Armywif33
  9. 3 months post of, Half way to goal! 51 lost 51 to go :)

    1. michieluvsu


      Yay! Good for you~ Keep up the good work~

  10. Possible stricture.....8 weeks today. Ick! Down almost 40 pounds though....that part I'm happy about!!!

    1. katherinep


      ;( Happy about the loss but sorry about the possible stricture. Let me kow how you are doing.

  11. Ditto on the Miralax.....MOM did nothing for me!
  12. Seems pretty dead on here lately now that so many of us have been on the FB group.....anyone else agree?

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    2. Kirabelle


      I didn't know there was a facebook group for TT. I know a bunch of us left here about a year ago and made a group on fb, but it wasn't affiliated.

    3. katherinep


      I established the fb group as a private group. So no one sees your posts or pictures except for the members, we have over 90 members so far an it is a wonderful and supportive group. If anyone is interested look me up and I can add you. Katherine Dilallo-Petrucci

    4. SkeleTON


      It's a secret group - no posts are linked to your wall and your friend's can't see what you post. I think the platform is easier for those of us who work a lot and can use our phones to find support when we need it :)