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  1. Hey! I had my band removed this month but due to damage can't have my RNY until February :/. I'm a family practice physician assistant so basically I walk and talk, my doc says a week is fine for me but it's really going to depend on where your are at in your training. If its classroom work you'll be sore and achy but can go back sooner, if you're doing clinicals that might involve lifting that's going to be an entirely different story!!! I feel so much better having that darn band out!
  2. My esophagus was fine (irritated from the reflux but nothing major). When my band slipped, It slipped down and a portion of the stomach was pushed up and over the edge of the band. That portion would catch food and liquids and they'd get trapped (grossly I can say sometimes they'd be trapped for days) and as stuff got trapped it stretched out that area. Unfortunately that area is also the area the pouch for RNY is made. At that point my surgeons options were: 1- make the pouch as usual in the thinned/stretched out area with very increased risk of complication (staples tearing through the t
  3. Surgery follow-up was today. All is well and I'm okay to proceed with revision in 6 months. Tentatively schedule for RNY Feb. 11, 2013. He says there was so much inflammation and swelling from the band slip that revision would have been difficult with a higher risk of complication. Also my stomach that was herniated over the band was distended and thinned out. To get to an area that was safe to sew, he would have had to have made the RNY pouch sugnificantly larger than normal, increasing the amount I could eat, possibly defeating the whole point of RNY. The more I've read about it, and
  4. Hi! I'm a statistic :/ had a lap band for similar reasons to what you are thinking. Had it or 2 1/2 years. Cheated some but BMI went from 50 to 36 so not perfect but definitely better. After about 6 months I started having problems with reflux and vomiting. Kept getting worse and this summer had a majorly slipped band with stomach herniation. I had the band removed 2 weeks ago with the intent to convert to bypass but when my surgeon got inside I had a lot of damage and inflammation from the band. He ended up removing my band and sending me home for 6-12 months to heal before I can get th
  5. Just had my band out and have a 6-12 month healing time before they'll do my rny so will be stalking you the next few months to see what you think of it! Keep up the good work!
  6. Hi and welcome! How are you doing post-op? How are you feeling??
  7. Baja how fabulous!!!!! Callie-good luck!!! I'm 1 week out from band removal secondary to slip and have to wait 6-12 months for damage to heal before I can revise to rny. So excited to hear how you do!!!!
  8. I have to agree with all the above....a decision only you can make. That said, the 'average' band patient loses 50% of their excess weight, the 'average' bypass patient loses 80%, the sleeve is somewhere in between. I say 'average' because what you do yourself will make you average or above or below. As a recently unbanded lap band patient, I would lean towards the others solely based on my complication (slippage, gastric herniation, etc). The band works for many without problem but there are also a lot of us out here who had complications....I know several surgeons who will only band with a
  9. I posted this same question elsewhere earlier. My doc originally said 6 months then decided 12 monts after band removal for rny, however all the boards I've seen people are only waiting 2-4 months with a few 6.... Curious curious!!!!
  10. For those of you who wanted and/or had a revision after having your band removed: were you able to have the revision at the time of band removal or did you have to wait? If you had to wait, how long were you told to wait before revision? My band was removed a week ago. Going in to the surgery, the plan was to try to revise to rny but the surgeon had told me there was a chance there would be damage and I would need to wait 6 months for the bypass. Of course there ended up being damage and inflammation from the slipped band, Dr. Is now saying maybe 12 months before revision. In the forum
  11. I had a band for 2 1/2 years, lost and maintained over 70 lbs lost, about 1/2 my excess so I am about average for weight lost with a band. I had a lot of issues with chest pain, a choking sensation, nausea, and vomiting with my band. And please know that these were not associated with bad or inappropriate behaviors on my part. Eventually my band slipped, likely from the vomiting. I knew this was a risk and I might need a revision. What I was not aware of was how much damage the band could do internally. My band was removed last week and I am now sitting through a 6-12 month break while my sto
  12. My band is out, however I have a lot of inflammation and thinning of my stomach from the band slipping so no bypass for now. He's recommended 6-12 months to heal before proceeding to bypass. I will survive and I'd rather be safe but am somewhat heartbroken and scared to death I won't be able to maintain my current weight until then. While still heavy I am nowhere near where I was weight wise before the band.....gonna be a long 6 months. Thanks for your words of encouragement and support !!
  13. Have to be at the hospital at 5:30, first surgery of the day, best spot to be in!!! All packed and ready to go, had enough clear liquids today to float a ship, and totally exhausted. Still unable to determine if there's any damage to my stomach or not so don't know if I'll be waking up post-op with just a band removal, or a band removal and conversion to a bypass....until then don't know how many days in the hospital or how long I'll be off work. The not knowing is driving me insane!!!!!!
  14. I have read repeatedly on here of people frustrated with not losing during the first few weeks. I think it has to do with the physical shock of surgery and then the very low calorie pre and post op diet causing your metabolism to slow way down. That would also explain why you're so cold! Stick with it and congrats!!!!!!
  15. My surgery is Wednesday and I spent the weekend doing the same. Glad to know I'm not the only one!!!!
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