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  1. Just looking for some local friends
  2. Congratulations! I can definitely see a difference and you look great!
  3. Thank you for sharing this.. that place sounds amazing. I'm jealous that you're having such a great "by yourself" time lol. By reading this, I actually felt like I was there. enjoy the rest of your stay
  4. ahh thats great news! thank you for easing my mind
  5. That's awesome! Congratulations
  6. did anyone have a hard time getting the baby weight back off after pregnancy?
  7. Aww I sure hope so kmsbanr! It'd be hard to see my surgeon that often because she is 2 hours away from me. I'm going to try to contact a weight loss surgeon in my area tomorrow for more information. My OB seems clueless about gastric bypass surgery, he isn't even asking me about taking prenatal vitamins, nor does he seem too worried about nutrition. I think I need a second opinon so I'm going to make that call tomorrow. Better safe than sorry.. Have a good day!
  8. Thanks for the advice.. it has eased my mind
  9. Thanks.. I'm due on 03/06/2013. Did you have a hard time getting the weight back off after your pregnancies?
  10. I'll be 2 years out in November and before I found out I was pregnant I was fluctuating 5-6lbs back and forth around 180.. I'm three months pregnant and I've lost 10lbs and I keep losing. Is something wrong? Am I not doing something right? I'm trying to eat more for more nutrition but I can't even eat 2tbl spoons full of anything before I feel sick or start hurting.. i don't understand the change.
  11. Congratulations! And thanks for the tips.. we had the same surgeon Good luck on your journey
  12. Congratulations! You look amazing
  13. Great, thanks for all of the sugguestions. I'm going to try them
  14. Congratulations! That's an awesome feeling