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  1. It has been a really long time since I've updated my blog. I have finally got back on track eating better and tracking everything and the scale moved significantly this week. Its been a bit of a roller coaster the past 5 months but I know its not due to anything other than my food choices. I was able to get through the holidays without any gain and a little bit of inches lost. Seventeen months after surgery it is still the best decision I have ever made for myself. I am now down 91 pounds and have lost a total of 73 inches over all body parts. My blood pressure is around 101/60 and resting heart rate 63. The one thing I never thought would happen did...I am addicted to exercise. I have started to love the feeling I get from finishing a hard workout. Pre-surgery I despised working out, avoided it at all costs. In the past year I have completed INSANITY twice, Couch to 5k, Focus T25, P90X (possibly what I am most proud of), and am now doing P90X3. Never in a million years would I have believed I could accomplish these things. I 100% believe it was my commitment to my exercise programs that allowed me not to gain even when I was eating whatever I wanted. I had a fill in October and it got me a bit too tight. I had a few really bad stuck episodes, one that even landed me in the ER on Veterans day because I couldn't swallow water. Note to self: Do NOT sit down with a box of Cheez-its while watching TV. I learned my lesson there for sure. I also had a really bad one in January that led me to getting 0.5 ml taken out of the band. I feel SO much better and can definitely make better choices because I am not constantly fearing getting stuck. As I have said in previous posts, I am definitely enjoying the mall more than I ever have in my life. Shopping is a whole new experience when you are not limited to what stores you can go into. I am coming up on my 35th birthday next month feeling and looking better than I have my entire life. I looked at my wedding picture recently and realized that even though I weigh a tiny bit more...I am definitely thinner and more fit than I was on that wonderful day. GOAL ACHIEVED!!! I get more and more people tell me I shouldn't loose any more weight and I am sure those of you who are near goal get that too. I try to explain to them: 1) They don't see me naked, there is plenty of belly fat to get off this body. 2) I have a goal I set before surgery and DARN IT I am going to reach it, even if it turns out to be unrealistic and I can't maintain there, I need to at least try for my own peace of mind. 3) Its not like I am starving myself so relax. It is my body and my surgeon and I will make the decision about what is the best weight for me. Oh and by the way...I have fared pretty well in the loose skin department. My boobs are probably the worse victims but even they don't seem too bad. My hubby agrees . So as I continue to contemplate plastic surgery, I am leaning towards saving my money for an awesome vacation. Or even getting my hubby the Lap Band (he would probably have to pay out of pocket). Here's a few pics...I was always SO encouraged and motivated by before and after pics...still am
  2. Wow!! Just WOW!! You must feel amazing cause you look it
  3. Goalseeker

    Humor in WLS

    This is wonderful!! I relate to so many of them I'll add... 23. Your hubby feelnig something hard on your body wondering what it is and having to explain it is a hip and muscle.
  4. I totally agree. I got the band...It HELPS me to not be as hungry but I am still working my A@@ off just like anyone else who is trying to lose weight.
  5. I hit my stall at about 7-8 months too. I didn't loose any weight my 9 month out. Up and down the same three to four pounds. It is ridiculously frustrating. I know that part of the reason is I haven't been eating right either. Last week I committed to counting my calories again. I am hoping it will jump start the weight loss again. I try to keep reminding myself that this is a journey and on NO OTHER weight loss journey have I lost 80 pounds in 8-10 months so I think I am doing great...and so are you!! Good luck with the juice diet.
  6. Welcome back! I hope you start getting better soon. Prayers go out to you!
  7. It has been a long time since I have updated my blog. Recently, I began to ponder all the amazing things this surgery has given me. I absoutely would get a LapBand again if I had to go back in time. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me...with the exception of hubby and kids obviously. So I thought I would make a list of all of these things. I know that reading stuff like this helped me to encourage me when I was starting out. Thank you LapBand for... 1. self-confidence-I now look in the mirror or at picture and am happy with the person looking back at me. Seeing the results of my efforts is priceless...I have reached goals I thought were just dreams. 2. control- I no longer feel controlled by food or the need to eat. Not being hungry or feeling deprived has allowed me to make good food choices MOST of the time. 3. health- I am healthier than I have ever been. My resting pulse is in the 60s, my blood pressure is low, my cholesterol is improving. 4. the desire to exercise- I exercise 6 days a week and have gotten to the point that if I miss my workout my day just doesn't seem right. I love the way it makes me feel and the way it is reshaping my body. 5. energy- I have so much energy to do active things with my children and family. 6. the ability to wrap a towel around myself after a shower!! 7. the ability to bend down and tie my shoes or buckle a pair of cute sandals without too much effort...and painting my toes is easier too. 8. not being hot and sweaty all the time. 9. shopping in any store I want and any department of that store. 10. wearing a bikini...even if it is only in the back yard with my hubby and kids. 11. crossing my legs under a table with ease. 12. cute clothes...I've become a bit of a shopper as of late 13. knee high boots!!! 14. shopping at victoria's secret and of course I know there is plenty more that just won't come to mind. I started out at 255 and am now 175. I have 25 to go!! I have lost a total of 57 inches over my whole body...10.75 in my waist, 8 in my hips, 7 in my chest, 3 in both arms, 3.75 in both thighs, 2.75 in both calves, (it doesn't add up cause I'm not listing it all). I couldn't be happier with the results. I look forward to reaching the next 10 pounds lost and then onto the final goal....It can be done. Don't get discouraged!!
  8. You are doing do awesome! I too am starting to REALLY enjoy shopping in all the small sizes. I think it scares my hubby that I am going to become a shopaholic lol I balance the check book...I know what I can do within reason
  9. I have had a similar experience autumnleaf. In the beginning I saw the surgeon once a month and now I go about every 2 months just to check in. Im 7.5 months out. If I have issues I always call the office or make an appointment to see him sooner. I too have found the Lap Band to be wonderful and am having great success with it.
  10. You are definitely too tight and have probably done damage to your esphagus because you haven't gotten it taken care of. If you even get stuck on liquids you need to get unfilled. My guess is you need to be completely unfilled and see what kind of damage has been done. You need to see a dr ASAP. It is beyond unhealthy to go days without eating and to live on coffee. Can you at least try to get in some protein shakes so you arent lacking so many nutirents? Good Luck and please see a Dr SOON
  11. I went shopping at Old Navy earlier last week and saw the cutest white linen shorts. I grabbed a Large and went to try them on. They fit nicely so I decided to buy them. It never even crossed my mind to try them in a Medium...I don't think I've ever been a medium! I went to wear them the other day and as I was walking around the house in them they just felt too big. I kept telling myself no way you need a medium, that's crazy thinking. But I continued to feel like they were too big. So yesterday I went to try on the medium and they fit...they fit GREAT!!! I was in such disbelief I had to go out and ask the fitting room attendant if they looked too small. She said no they fit perfect...What?!? So then I got even more brave and tried on their tank tops and a t-shirt in medium. They fit GREAT TOO! I never thought I would ever see myself in a medium pant OR shirt. I was over the moon. As I was looking for more tanks (they were on sale for $5) I couldn't find the colors I wanted in the Medium. I kept saying to myself "this is a very strange experience." I am not used to needing this size, it is normally the XXL that is out of stock and I am out of options. Here is the sad part...I couldn't find the shorts in white in a medium either. I even checked online. So slowly my brain is catching up to what is happening with my body. I still look in the mirror and see a fat stomach and arms that needs so much more toning. But I tell myself that it is a lot less fat than it used to be. It is very strange when my friends use the word "tiny" to describe the new me but I smile and take the compliment happily. I decided to take a "after" picture to see how much progress I have made since I started to do Insanity. I honestly didn't think it would show that much of a difference. I was wrong...
  12. I have been getting stuck more often lately. I find that I just dont pay attention and chew too little. There are going to be some foods that are just off limits because our band doesn't allow them to pass. The tighter I get my band the more often it happens.