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  1. Ditto what jolls and all the others have said. I too wanted to loose more than 100 lbs and I have done it and have several friends under my profile who have as well. I am just over 1 year out so you just have to decide if you are ready to change your lifestyle for good. Try not to focus on what you have ahead of you but just one day at a time and before you know it you will be saying you are one year out!! Best wishes!
  2. I will post as soon as I can get on my laptop.
  3. I did something cool. I took a before surgery pic full length front facing, side facing, and from the back. I took the same pics one year later but put the same clothes on! It was very cool : )
  4. It has been months since I have logged in. I wanted to post that I am officially 1 year out, over 100 lbs lost and encourage fellow sleevers that it can be done!! ; )

  5. Omg! This is exactly what I am struggling with. : ( Obviously not the end of the world considering but it's so disappointing to have lost 70lbs and actually like exercising and have this. I had my PCP do a doppler and we ruled out a blood clot and a bakers cyst so I see an Ortho surgeon on Monday bc it looks like it is a torn meniscus. : ((( I was told the same thing from my surgeon to try to avoid NSAIDs if possible. I'll let u know the outcome after my Monday appt. My left knee and ankle ache so badly I can barely sleep or sit. Only movement temp removes the pain but as soon as I am still I am coming out of my skin. Best wishes to you and talk soon Jeanne
  6. Welcome and congrats on your decision! You are very brave and I believe very wise to seek surgical help this early in your life. I have been obese since age 11 and it took until age 40 to surrender to my bariatric decision. Alot of years lost, but I am only looking forward and to the years I will gain by taking control of my health. Best wishes on your journey. It may not be easy but I definetly think you will find it worth it! ; )
  7. Hi, Welcome and congrats on your decisions!! This forum has incredible caring people. Great info and inspirational to read and talk with people who truly understand the experience. Best wishes to everyone! ; )
  8. Welcome and congrats on your decision and surgery date!! ; )
  9. Like Farmington I loved seeing the Michigan in there! Welcome and congratulations on your incredible journey with both your WLS and your pregnancy! How exciting!! Just take it one day at a time, focus on your health and this beautiful Miracle and your body will follow you when you are able. Best wishes and keep us posted!!
  10. Congrats and welcome! TT and the awesome people Is something I love knowing is always here and love coming back to. Best wishes on your journey!! ; )
  11. I think it's logical that because we are not focusing on our food like we did that it's natural to shift attention to other interests. As long as I can find balance and not obsess, I think it's healthy. So you go with your healthy avenue of art supplies and even shoes...because we recognize the shift of interest I think we'll be just fine. ; )
  12. Lol indeed! Believe me, I've already been lurking at the malls with clothes and shoes and have only bought a few items. I have two teenagers one just got his braces off and my daughter needs them. So I'm waiting as long as possible to replace my clothes. But I love to try things on and it's exciting to see the size I can now fit into!!
  13. My plan was exactly like Farmingtons. I use bariatric advantages shakes and isopure unflavored protein by adding it to food. Just don't forget your vitamins. Multi - I use and like celebrates most - order on the web; calcium citrate + D3, at least 1000 mg a day - I use celebrates Calcet creamy bites and bariatric advantages calcium chews; B12 - I use natures bounty sublingual - 3000 mg per week; Iron - I use bariatric advantages passion fruit, I think it tastes best. Just make sure you take the iron at least 2 hours seperate from your calcium. Best wishes! ; )
  14. I agree with Cinwa 100%on the celebrate Calcet citrate creamy bites. The chocholate tastes like a brownie to me and the lemon is pleasant too. I pretend they are my sweet indulgence for the afternoon, almost like my desert after lunch!
  15. I feel somewhat ridiculous admitting this...but I have a now real addiction to makeup, more specifically lipstick. I always loved shopping and trying different makeups pre-surgery and for years prior, but now that I won't allow myself to turn to food, I find myself shopping and buying more makeup. I recognized it when I brought some home and my kids looked at me strangely when I skipped dinner with them, worked late and went to ulta and came home with an $80 dollar bag of makeup. The great thing about makeup is that you aren't disappointed that it won't or doesn't fit and there are no calories!! But I have felt the guilt about the money spent of course. Obviously, this isn't harmful to my health and I have recognized it. So now I still enjoy going to ulta and sephora etc but now I just browse and am not least as much! I just smile about it now and realize I'm lucky because there are far more harmful things I could have gone to. ; )