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  1. WOW! thats amazing! you look amazing! I just want to clarify.. your total out of pocket fee when finished, was $1500 total? my intention is to have surgery early spring 2017. That will fall around tax return season
  2. I believe it is based upon the WLS program that you join. I have BCBS of MA and my policy states once I join an approved/ accredited program, it is up to my surgeon to set those guidelines. My surgeons program requires that you follow your "life long" post op diet and see some type of weightloss. Could be 2lbs, 5 lbs etc. if you cannot follow the diet and lose anything, you do not qualify for surgery. BCBS just follows the guidlines. My surgeons long term success rate is one of the highest in the country. i truly believe it is do to his pre-op qualifications.
  3. Here's a little history before my question..... My start weight was 255, I got down to 155 total in 3 years and recently found out I am pregnant with my second baby since bypass. My first daughter is now 1 and I was able to have a healthy pregnancy last time with a 20 pound weight gain( I started my pregnancy at 175, and have lost 40 pounds since giving birth). I recently saw my NUT and surgeon and they said that October 2016 we can start the paper work for approval from my ins company to cover the tummy tuck. Upon approval for my bypass, they pre-approved skin removal as long as I met my surgeons requirements for weightloss. I get small rashes under my pannus which my PCP has documented along the way. While I am SO excited and grateful that this will be covered... my breasts REALLY need help! prior to bypass I was a C-D cup and now after weightloss and breastfeeding, I am currently a deflated A-B cup and have to wear "bombshell" bras in order to fill out blouses and look proportionate to the rest of my body. Luckily my nipples and areolas face forward and not to floor so my assumption would be that a significant augmentation would be sufficient without need for a lift. Because of the loose skin and my broad shoulders, I feel that a D cup would fill suit my frame well. ALL of that to ask: Has anyone had their tummy tuck covered by insurance and NOT their augmentation or lift etc. and received a lesser price for the latter service? I will already be under anesthesia and in an OR etc. so I would assume that I wouldn't have to necessarily pay the full price? The prices for plastics in the county I live in are significantly greater than the National rates and I would like to start saving for my procedure. I am not eligible for a consult at this time because I'm pregnant. Any ideas or experiences with this type of situation? This is a HUGE step for me.... I've included a picture of my April to August progress(losing my remaining pregnancy weight) as well as what I need to have removed. Is my pannus "flat" enough to be removed? Excuse the tattoos.... I usually keep them covered and am in the process of having everything but the butterflies removed
  4. I am pregnant for a second time since bypass....Trust me.. your bump WILL come. I had significant loose skin as well. I went to the motherhood maternity store and purchased pregnancy spanx my first time around. I wore them ALL the time. With Jeans, dresses, you name it. It holds the skin in enough to help "form" your bump into looking more like a bump vs "gaining midsection weight". It also helped make me look nice and smooth even with T-shirts. I found that I enjoyed wearing fitted clothing through my pregnancy and at about 20 weeks I definitely looked pregnant. Good luck and Congratulations
  5. Would LOVE to see your "finished product" pics once you're all healed! Congratulations!!!!
  6. So I've mentioned to my Surgeon MANY times that since bypass I am ALWAYS thirsty. I drink 6-8 16.9oz poland spring bottles between 8am and 4 pm(work hours) and I'm still so thirsty. Anyways.. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I feel hungover ALL the time. that dry mouth, dry eyeballs, dry lips, lethargic , exhausted feeling. I've tried drinking an entire gallon of water while at work. I swear every 8 oz i get up and pee it out (sorry for being graphic). I mean my urine is completely clear and cold ( I can feel that its cold while I'm going). Its like my body just expels water and doesn't absorb it. then if I stop drinking water for an hour, the next bout of urine is clearly a medium yellow color and from my medical background would be a sign of future dehydration. I just feel like CRAP. I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, I haven't talked to my surgeon yet because I haven't had my first OB apt yet. This was TOTALLY unplanned by the way. HELPPPPP. I want to call and ask for an IV fluid transfusion but... I feel like a crazy person doing that. Am I overreacting? I just want to feel hydrated.
  7. Thank you SOOO much. Actually thank you EVERYONE!!!! For your kind words, compliments, encouragement, support, ideas, tips. It means the world to me. Cinwa: I am going to start the 5 day pouch test next Monday (it will be easier to start on the first day of a week.) I cant wait to see how it works and also to get on track. Than you for the link!!!!
  8. I'm so so so so sorry this happened. The embarrassment will fade... just remember you are human and every one has experiences at times and basically.... you live and learn and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.I'm very glad you are ok btw!!!!! Also, stay away from hard cider!!!! I am an avid wine drinker ( I love a good glass of red wine once in a while especially after a long week of work) but cannot tolerate hard cider. I can definitely feel the difference between being buzzed and when my sugar drops. Drinking hard cider essentially mixes a buzz and a sugar issue. In the past I had to tell my boyfriend to bring us home after 3 hard ciders with dinner out with friends. I woke up in bed wondering how I got there. He informed me i passed out in the car and had been sleeping for about 2 hours. I can tolerate twisted tea, although it has a lot of sugar (i generally try avoid it because of the calories) but hard cider is a no-no.
  9. Hi all.. I need some help I kind of disappeared from here in the last few months. The weight was falling off, I was confident and felt like I was doing a great job. Basically I lost 80+ pounds and about 4 months ago I reverted to my old ways. Chips, potatoes, bagels, bread, cookies, cake etc etc etc. I haven't gained any weight but I also haven't lost any more (for obvious reasons). I've been at a stand still for a few months now. I realize its because of my own lack of discipline and I am here taking responsibility for it. Starting this week I've been working my way back to "the plan". I'm facing cravings (before surgery I never liked sweets), I feel hungry all the time, I want to snack continually etc.. I'm battling them slowly, trying to face one issue at a time. My boyfriend has ever so kindly (kind of) been reminding me I have this last 30 pounds(per my surgeon) to lose and trying to help me make healthy decisions. Our schedules are super busy and I'm trying to figure out how to work working out back into my schedule. OK here are my questions: What can I do to jump start my weight loss again? is it simply the "protein protein protein, water, veggies"? Will I be able to go back to losing the way I once did before? Did I mess this whole thing up? I realize I've fallen off the wagon.. I want to get back on!!!... what are the basic things I can work on first and foremost? I need some help, encouragement, motivation and direction. Here's a 1 year photo (last month was my surgiversary) to let you know where I'm at.
  10. Thank you everyone!! Your words are very encouraging.
  11. Hi Is anyone from or near Clearwater FL? I'm potentially re-locating there and would love to be able to ask some question, get the ins and outs, etc.
  12. I haven't been on or around in quite a while. I haven't weighed myself in a while either. my weight loss had SIGNIFICANTLY slowed down on the scale but my body was still changing, settling, re-arranging etc. I was losing inches but not pounds. I weighed myself today and saw 174, thought, ok, thats good. It just dawned on me to check my bmi on a calculator..... 29.9!!!!!! I'm just overweight and not obese!!! I CANNOT believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I had lots of issues with water temperature after surgery. Try squeezing half a lemon, or lime, orange, mint leaves, etc into the water. Worked like a charm for me goodluck!!!
  14. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! you look absolutely amazing!! Congratulations!!!! I LOVE your green shoes btw.