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  1. Wow, sorry you had to go through all of that! Are you sipping or trying to drink normally? Hope you feel better soon!
  2. If the gas pains keep up, try eliminating milk and milk based protein drinks. You could be lactose intolerant now and for me the gas pains caused by that were awful. As soon as I quit the milk and anything made with milk I was fine. You can still have yogurt and most cheeses but not milk solids and milk. You'll be fine in a while but I never stop missing a great sandwich or pizza..... Smile!
  3. I use DaVinci Sugar Free syrups. Lots of flavors, all good. You can order them online too.
  4. After 8 months, chicken still bothers. Try the greek yoghurt and get some Syntrax protien powder or the FruitBlast. It sounds like you may be lactose intolerant. I found out I was when everytime I had a protein drink made with milk even Lactaid I felt sick. I can use lactaid free milk now with no problem. Eat chili with beans and it will up your protein. Absolutely love the sugar free chai tea (thanks bugdocmom) I have it with vanilla light soy milk and if I need more protein I add powder. Good hot or cold (mix in powder with the cold) If your vitamins don't come get something! My Nut said regular Centrum was okay as long as it had iron in it. I also (obviously) take a super b complex and extra b-12. You need to take something and drink your water. If you can't tolerate or or don't like drinking plain water, use crystal lite or sugar free snapple mix or something to get in your fluids. Oikos greek yoghurt has a flavor for everyone and tastes great! Try the cafe flavored if you like coffee, the key lime is wonderful and the vanilla is the best. Don't worry about the calorie counts in yoghurt for now, you are not getting in enough for it to be a problem. My two cents. Stay well, chin up! I also stopped losing weight in my first month for almost three weeks, don't stress about that, worry about eating enough!
  5. I saw a video online by a plastic surgeon what uses the underarm "side fat" that's left over from weight loss to augment the breasts. I think he is based in FL. I know I am not explaining it correctly but it looked like it made sense and "killed two birds with one stone" I am going to ask about it when the time comes.
  6. What a great you've done! You must be so proud of yourself! Do you exercise a lot?
  7. I think 142 is a perfect number and when you hit it you will know if you look the way you want. Maybe not nekkid but in clothes..... I can't wait until that's my problem
  8. What store did you go to? I see Soma from some but we don't have any Somas around here.
  9. You look Mahhhhvelous!!! Your arms can be made newer and better! You rocked it!
  10. You look sooooo good! I wish I was as young as you and could look as good! You new life is just unfolding, go for it all and don't let anything or anyone hold you back!
  11. I stalled for 3 weeks in my first month! You are doing great! Don't worry you'll wake up one of these days and drop 6 pounds overnight! Keep up the good work, it'll come!
  12. I have the Flex and before that used the FITBIT! The Fitbit allows you to see the steps and calories burned, the Flex is just little lights and when it syncs to your phone or computer you can see your steps and calories burned and your sleep pattern if you track that. the Fitbit attaches to your pocket or bra. I washed mine with my bra once. It was fine after I took it apart and let it dry for a day but then I got the Flex so I wouldn't have to take it off or have it go through the wash Both are excellent. I also bought the Fit Aria scale that syncs with my computer. I weigh in every morning and it keeps track of my weight. (It also syncs everyone that comes in the house and sneaks on my scale to see what they weigh. They don't know that then I see it on my computer as a "guest" weigh in! ) Fitbit is $50.00 cheaper than the Flex, if that is a consideration. There is an app for your phone for checking your heart rate so I would just use that until the tech advances. Good luck!