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  1. Hi everyone My name is Katherine and I am 4 years out of VSG September 2012, I have never gained weight until now.Okay so i just got back from a visit to my daughter's in rural Missouri and my "food" wasn't as available and my snacking was off the chart. I am up almost 15 pounds and I feel pretty lousy about it and found this thread. It has been a super long time since I posted here or even went on this site. Most people in my life feel like I always have things in control....far from it. I feel scared that old habits are coming back. it's not that I am eating way to much at a time, just all the time eating a little. Help!!!! I know I can get a hold of this but could use a bit of support <3
  2. katherinep


    So happy for you! You look wonderful. Keep up the hard work of maintaining, it can happen, I'm 4 years out and doing great!
  3. katherinep

    back to visit this great site!

    Thank you so much!
  4. katherinep

    6 mo follow-up doc visit

    For me, I also wanted to get into the 130's. I am 4 years out this September and have been steady at 140. Occasionally I get down to 137 but I am convinced that this is where I am probably going to stay. I guess being considered overweight by the BMI chart is not as important anymore. Don't get me wrong, if I could lose another 5-10 pounds I would be elated, but that being said, I am happy and healthy. Best of luck to you!
  5. katherinep

    back to visit this great site!

    Yikes, sorry this pictures are sooooo big.
  6. katherinep

    back to visit this great site!

    I am back to see how everyone is doing! I hope all of your goals are being reached and that you are loving yourself <3 Fist pic is 2011. I had VSG Sept 2012 and never feeling better The other picture is this June on Vacation
  7. I had TT with AB repair last August. I decided not to have my thighs done because of the cost. Mine was 9500 for the TT with Ab repair. I self paid, put it on my mileage visa. Thigh lift was 5800 looking back I wish I would've done it all. Flat and tight tummy/ abs are great but then you look and learn to not like your thighs. I would've also saved on the recovery time. I am thrilled with my results though. My recommendation is that anyone having WLS should start saving immediately for reconstruction surgery. Imagine all of the money you are saving by not buying as much food, drinking as much alcohol, or going out to a fast food joint or resteraunt. If you end up not wanting or needing the surgery, then go on a vacation or but some fab for yourself. There is also care credit it is a medical loan business. Might help
  8. you know, I used to freak out when things didnt go as planned. I am almost three years out and have never gained any weight. I have had many occaisions that I just could not control the things that I ate only how much I ate of the food. It makes me find that it is totally true that we live one meal, one day at a time. We do the best we can and as long as we put a period on a bad choice instead of a comma, then we shold be okay. Love yourselves and try not to beat yourself up when things dont go as planned.
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    home on your own

    Sorry I misread your post. You will be fine at home with her help
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Went to buy stockings and tights. Could not believe my eyes when I bought size 1. I always had to buy the biggest size they offered. Love NSVs!
  11. katherinep

    Nervous, yet excited

    I had sleeve 2 years ago. I would love to be your surgery buddy. I will friend you and give you my cm tact info.
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    Sorry best decision ever
  13. katherinep


    Great news! I had my sleeve sept 2012 he's decision ever
  14. katherinep

    How much did you lose in excess skin?

    4 pounds have been removed but have lost another 5.5 in two and a half weeks