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  1. i went thru them and had my surgery at durham regional hospital. they are a part of duke. dr. yoo is in with dr. portenier. they are really nice people. december will be here before you know it.
  2. thank you. yes i have no complains with their program. the staff have been very helpful. I had one bad time and that was with a nurses aid during my recovery. I was also in a cast cause i had broken my ankle 2 weeks before my surgery. it made getting out of bed a little harder. other than that the nurses staff were very nice. on a funny note i am just over the five foot mark and had a bit of trouble getting on the toilet in my room. thank goodness they had rails beside the toilet. almost asked for a step stool. is yoo in with dr portioner? his name sounds familiar. good luck with your surgery.
  3. A few weeks backs I posted I was having issues with my sugar levels dropping. They were dropping like a stone. down to 48. I went to see a dietician and not a whole lot of help there really. I was monitoring what i was eating and drinking, trying to pin point what was causing me to be so sick. it just kept getting worse. the nausea and then pain grew worse. i should have known something was off. I ended up going to the er and getting admitted to the hospital for 4 and half days. drs. thought it was an ulcer, turns out it was more likely pancreatitis. again. not a fun time. I was in so much pain. it seems to be the likely reason for the sugar levels dropping like they were. there seems to be no cause for this bought of pancreatitis. hope it never happens again. that was painful. I know that I WILL NEVER go back to my local er. that place is a joke. i went in there at 7pm thurs. to get help for the pain. they finally took me to the back at midnight and promptly forgot i was there. i saw no one till around 3:30 and thats only because they wanted to do a cat scan. I could have forgiven this had there been some big trauma but there were empty rooms all around me. the nurses were laughing and joking around like they were having a party. dr came in 2 hrs later and said there was nothing wrong with me. shot me up with morphine and sent me home. they made sure they got my money before i could get out though. I called my surgeons office and went to Durham Regional's er to get seen. They spent a yr and millions of dollars to revamp our local bandaid station and still have the same issues. poor service. i would lay on the curb and bleed out than go there again. Oh well you live and learn.
  4. thanks guys. i see the dietician on the 21st. i start to get the shakes a few hrs after i eat. very frustrating. thanks again replying.
  5. huneebee

    i need help

    i'm having a really hard time of it. i've been having hypoglycemic episodes for several months. they are getting progressively worse each episode. scary as all get out. yesterday sugar dropped to 48. not good. anyway, i'm pretty sure it's got to be diet related. i'm having a hard time getting enough protein. i can't stand certain foods such as eggs and any form of seafood. i become ill even thinking of eating them. just can't seem to figure out how to proceed forward. i feel like i'm getting dumber by the minute. i look at pics of different meals and get sick to my stomach. i'm just barely getting 5oz of food at a time. i had IBS before surgery that calmed quite a bit, now i'm going to the bathroom all day again. is that considered dumping? i'm using the protein bars again. ugh so gross. no taste to them. dr has got me an appt to see a dietician. i like plain simple food. hate to cook. any thoughts? thanks kim
  6. hi. just wanted to say that i was turned down by my insurance company also. said i was not fat enough long enough. i hired the lindstorm group. they were great. i was approved a week after they submitted my appeal. i used my vaca money but it was worth it. they are the nicest people. i have not regretted hiring them. i have lost 50# since surgery. would have lost more but was in a cast for the last 6 months. good luck. hoping this works out for you as it did for me. keep us updated.
  7. omg. i've got tears running down my face. i haven't laughed so hard in a long time. i'm going to post everywhere.
  8. congrats. welcome to the board.
  9. you guys and gals are the greatest.
  10. thanks for the encouragement.
  11. i had to go back to the er last fri. turns out i either have gastritis or an ulcer. also found some cysts on my liver. was not a happy camper. having a hard time getting the fluids in and the protein. am now on 3 stomach meds along with the others i have to take. i've never like seafood or eggs and i'm afraid of trying them since the surgery. don't want to have the foamies. and i hate wasting food. i also broke the end off of my ankle bone about a week before surgery. it has slow my exercise down to almost nothing. hope to get this nasty cast off next thursday. thanks for listening(reading).
  12. just found the lose it app for android. gonna give it a try.
  13. yes. i had this too. dr was able to take mine down during bypass. i have 5 incisions across my stomach and one under my left breast. haven't any gerd effects from the take down.
  14. i'm a wreck. i'm weeping so much. i feel like i've lost my best friend. i hate this feeling. it's not helping having bipolar,depression and ptsd. i think i might need to increase the therapy vists. it's hard to hide the crying from hubby. he doesn't understand it. is this normal? am i going crazy? i'm so scared.
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