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  1. My surgery is on Monday and today is my last day at work and I'm totally overwelmed! I feel like I've got almost everythig done but I'm having some huge anxiety issues. Can't wait to come back in two weeks. Of course, it helps that I love my job and my co-workers!! I feel very blessed!!!
  2. Only 5 more days until RYN, I can't wait. I had to have my LapBand removed last summer (while on vacation) because it slipped. I think I"m most excited for my diabetes to go away again. I'm taking 5 pills plus 4 shots a day (just for the diabetes) and I'm so sick of it all! See you all on the loosers bench!
  3. Good Luck, wishing you the very best!
  4. I love I've lost almost 8 pounds just by counting my calories.
  5. First off, we share the same Surgery Date! I'm having a bypass after emergency band removed in July of 2011. I had gastric lap band in May of 2009 and I had to do a 10 day liquid diet and I won't sucked! I later told the nurse that to me that was worse then the surgery it self. The thing that got me through the liquid diet was anytime I felt hungry, I had something. Broth, S/F popsicles, fudgesicles, pudding, jello, juices and lots of water and crystal light. I not a huge fan of protein drinks but I found this website and they sale samples of their protein shakes and I bought lots of different flavors. I like strawberry shortcake and coconut chocolate candy bar. For a night time treat, I would put a glass of skim milk add some S/F Hersey’s syrup and put in the freezer, turns into a chocolate slushy. Also, my husband would pick me up won ton soup and I would drink the broth. Wonderful! There is one thing that I did cheat with and that was watermelon, I figured its mostly made from water, right!! I wish you the very best of luck. I know you can do this!!
  6. OMGodness.....I am nesting BIG TIME. My husband is on travel this week so I'm cleaning like crazy! Because school is right around the corner, I not only want my house clean, I want all the school shopping done too. So far, I've cleaned out my boys closets and my husbands side of the closet. I've bought, labeled and organized all the kids school supplies. Have 3 boxes of "stuff" and 4 garbages bags of clothes for the Goodwill! Today I'm going to start in on the kitchen. My poor husband isn't going to know what to do when he gets home. I just want to heal when I get home and have to worry about house stuff! I still have 17 days until surgery, I hope my family will be able to put up with me until then!!!
  7. Way to go!!! You are going to ROCK this surgery!! Good luck on Monday!!
  8. Thanks guys, I am so ready!!!
  9. Looking for someone who has my sugery date so we can encourage and support one another. ~Callie
  10. I'm scheduled for the 13th
  11. Hey Ladies, I had my band in May 09 and did really well in the beginning but then the Band crapped out on me about a year later. I took me about 6 months to figure out that about a week before my period, my band would get tight, I would go and get some fluid removed and then after my cycle, I was hungry all the time so I would go back in and get another I said this went on for months. I think once your band gets irritated, it’s had to recover. I would have to go to the hospital ever couple months because I was so dehydrated. Almost everything I ate got stuck and I would have to throw up. I know it wasn't good to throw up but my weight was down, so life was good...NOT!! Twice I had to be admitted to the hospital and have all the fluid removed and get an IV Bariatric Cocktail. I also ate a lot of comfort/ slider foods with the band, mainly because it was what I was able to keep down. Then in July of 2011, I wasn't feeling great and knew I was getting sick again but ignored it because I was taking my children to meet my family for the first time (Hubby and I both work for the Army). We had to stop in Rapid City, SD to have all the fluid taken out of my band and usually I'm good to go after the fluid has been removed but not this time. I threw up anything I put into my mouth, water, didn't matter. We had to stop in Billings, MT and this time it wasn't a quick fix, my band had to be removed! My band had slipped and my stomach was coming up threw band...which was the reason why I couldn't even keep fluids down. I was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, surgery on Monday am and released on Tuesday. I was ablt to go to Seattle and the Ocean and my children were able to meet my grandmother for the first time. I felt a little sleepy but overall, I felt great. I have to say that the lap band wasn't all bad. Because of my band, I learned to set goals for myself and since my surgery in 2009. I've walked/ran almost 1500 miles, and have participated and finished 3 1/2 marathons. But now I've been without my band for over a year, I don't miss it but I do miss the restriction it gave me. My old habits and weight came right back. So, in March I started the process to have surgery. The Doctor and I decided on the bypass because I had so much scar tissue and issues with reflux that he felt it was a better choice for me. My surgery is on August 13th. I'm so ready, ready to rock this surgery. Ready to be healthy again, ready to start training for a full marathon in May of 2013. butterfli2009 I wish you the very best on your journey!!
  12. Only a month until my surgery. I am so excited!!