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  1. Sugar Addiction?

    I too am struggling tremendously with my sweet tooth. This is exactly why I had my RNY surgery, because once I started I could not stop. I have had terrible, terrible, cravings for sweets and have tried almost everything that I ate post-op. UNFORTUNATELY I usually do not have Dumping, which really sucks, I honestly wish I WOULD have the DUmping so that I would not eat these things I should not eat. This is what I hoped the surgery would help me with. For alot of the sweets I do have Dumping and cannot eat them because I get so sick that just to think of the foods sickens me, which I thank god for. Ice cream, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, brownies, and some chocolate I cannot eat. Others I can are things like small candies, bit o honey, hershey miniatures, and gum. My lowest weight was 133lbs, and I usually am steady at 136-138, but now since cravings I am struggling to keep it at 139, I was all the way up to 143. SInce recently I am having home issues I am using food as a comfort and I knowingly realize this, went to therapy for this, and recognize this fully, but still do it. So this is where I feel I am and addict. I want to just walk away from these foods, cravings,and bad habit but I just can't seem to do so. No one tells you that you will still have these cravings and bad habits after surgery, that the surgery is not a cure! Anyways, I have found that if I keep ALL bad foods out of my house I will not eat them, but the second I crave them I will drive to the store, only a mile away, and buy what I am craving. IF its a small bag of candies, before I know it, they are all gone. ( I am struggling for solutions or guidance and any suggestions if anyone has anything that has helped them or think would help me. THanks in advance. Maybe the solution is all bad food out of the house, and hide my car keys! LOL
  2. Its neat when a family member doesn't recognize the 'new' you when you are walking down the street! I would not change this for the worlld! Thiis was the best decision of my life!!!

  3. am I in a stall this far out?

    1. Happy-Camper


      Stall? I saw your stats. You sure you're not done? 136 at 5'9" is pretty tiny!

  4. Stalling after 19months out?

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to run something by everyone. I am almost 19months out on my surgery, my surgery anniversary is 2/22/2012. I have pretty much stopped losing weight and come to a stand still, which I am happy about. I usually fluctuate 2-6lbs up or down but usually within the same normal of 133lbs -to- 138lbs. My concern is I almost always fluctuate like this, but, the last 2 weeks I started at 133lbs and climed straight to 138lbs and then I am stuck here at 138lbs. Now this sounds to me like a stall and I should expect to loose weight after it breaks, but should I still be experiencing stalls this late/far out after my surgery? I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this also so far out after surgery date. Any experiences, comments, or concerns are appreciate. I'm not worried just kind of puzzled since I am eating the same and exercising the same, including taking in the same amount of protein. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hello Wynter, I am 19months out. I know I am quite farther along then you but feel free to ask me any questions or just drop in to chat. I usually am online one a week here. I completely understand where you are coming from. My husband was totally against me having surgery, and as my best friend I really had no one to turn to but my 16 year old daughter and mother, but I did not want to burden them. I went through a lot of emotional issues regarding my eating, my progress, or my lack of progress. I only wish I had someone to talk to that would mentor me, but I found this website and the people here are just great. Just jump online anytime you have a problem or just want to talk and everyone will gladly accept you with open arms. Good luck in your decision to become a better, healthier you! (((HUGS)))
  6. 18 months post-op today! 300 lbs to 125 lbs!

    Congrats on your tremendous accomplishment. I also agree that each persons body is different and will look different than others at the same weight. I will be hitting my 18months post-op on the 22nd of this month myself. Start: 296lbs. End: 136lbs. (to-date) Lost: 160lbs. Goal Weight: 164 **24below goal weight. I started at a 3x-4x top and ended with a small to medium (4to6 women & 7-9juniors) I started at size 28pants and ended with size 4 or 6 in womens or 7 or 9 injuniors, depending on the makers of the jeans. Unfortunatley I also went down considerably in my bust from a size 44DDD to a 34C sometimes 34B. Personally I feel I should absolutely not loose any more weight becaue I stand 5'9 and have very long legs and I already look quite slim and lean now......which I absoltley LOVE!!! I too did not experience as much excess skin as I believed I would. I was strict at doing my exercies, and although I have serious health issues and could only walk and lift small hand weights, what I did absolutely made the difference. I am quite happy with my body, so much so I might not even get the tummy tuck, which is the only real problem area I seem to have and just a little onthe insides of my legs. Thanks for sharing your story and milestones, it is always interestingto see what others have accomplished who had their surgeries close to your date.Keep up the good work, remember its a lifestyle change not a marathon! (((HUGS)))
  7. Understanding Dumping Syndrome

    I am 17 months post op and I have noticed over the last couple months after I eat I get a sudden extreme urge to go to sleep, almost where I cannot stay awake no matter what. I also have notice I too have been getting the shakes quite often, but I haven't pinpointed if it happens around meal time. I also sweat, have daily constant headaches, have heart palpitations, and get dizzy. My Dr. thought it was because i was low on iron, and I must admit since starting the iron pills I have had less dizzy spells but they still happen. I just have a feeling its dumping syndrome because I struggle with not drinking while or before and after eating. I am on a large amount of meds that make me very thirsty and dry mouthed and I almost have to sip with eating. Any suggesitons if this is the dumping syndrome or possibly other issues? I worry about what I heard one time that you can make your body one big intestine if you drink before, during, or after meals. If this happens does our body not absorb any protein, calories, or vitamins? And would this make one almost "stretch" their pouch, or not feel like they are full which could cause you to consume more calories and gain weight? I guess I really am scared to 'death' of gaining my weight back because of this issue. Any support, related stories, or info is appreciated! Live Well!!
  8. Back on track! Now I am 21lbs below target weight...not trying to lose anymore just trying to stay where I am at.

  9. I live a little north of Pittsburgh and my Dr. suggested that I get a tummy tuck. I have heard there are two types, a mini tuck and a regular. I have no clue which one I will be getting but if I were to guess it would be the mini because I do not have an excess amount of skin, just a little. Anyways, I have a pamplet for UPMC in Pittsburgh for the UPMC Aesthetic Plastic SUrgery Center. THis is where my Dr. wants me to go since I received my Gastric Bypass @ UPMC in Greenville, PA. Has anyone went to this place and had plastic surgery? I am just tying to get an idea what to expect. Thanks all for your suggestions and comments.
  10. Thank you all for the advice. I too think we need counseling and plan on sitting down and having a long conversation. I deeply love my husband and hope he can accept the new me. I just hope I can make him understand I did this surgery to fix my health, not necessarily to be thin. FYI: I have stuck to my guns and pulled myself out of the bad eating habits. Thanks again everyone! I love this forum!
  11. I have been given a pamplet of information on a tummy tuck from my Bypass Dr. I did have the Gastric Bypass done laprascopically but ended up with a leak and was put right back into surgery the next day, so I had a very painful and long recovery in the ICU and at home. I have hit my goal weight, I actually bypassed it. I am suppose to be at 164 and now weigh 148. I am still losing weight but very slowly and I am not even trying. My Dr. took a look and said I would be a good canidate for a tummy tuck. My question is...."How do I know which type I will be getting?" I have some loose skin, but even the Dr. agrees not a great amount and that I have toned well. Just curious as to what type I should get or ask for, if that is even possible. The less pain & scaring the better!
  12. Feeling like a failure after I was honest with myself about how I am eating. Eating sweets, no exercise, &driking while eating.....I am doomed to failure & regaining of my weight! I am such an Idiot!

    1. cinwa


      It's never too late to get back on track babe. You've done an amazing job - just get back to basics.

    2. kas031605


      Hi Heathersue. I am feeling your pain. I see that you were a UPMC patient. I had my revision at West Penn. That is what prompted me to respond. My revision was in July. Have you had any success lately in overcoming eating urges? Does UPMC have a support group for you?

  13. :( hate this feeling :(

    amm49, I have been where you are now. I had stalled many times during my WL journey. I know you probably hear this all the time, but be patient, it will come off. Your body will adjust and continue to lose when it is ready. It sounds as though maybe you ate the muffin because you are stressed. I too eat when I a stressed or upset. So when I am going through times like these I eat veggies or healthy foods instead of a no-no. Don't stress over one muffin, we have all had slip-ups. Just get back on your track and plow away at continuing to eating healthy. I do not know if this works for you but I keep all bad foods out of my house. If its out of my sight I do not want it. Good luck & stay strong!
  14. :( hate this feeling :(

    AngelaMarie, It is great to see you again! I know we have had our surgeries about one week apart and its nice to see that you are only 1 pound away from your goal!! That is awesome! Have you noticed that you have slowed down or stayed steady where u are at for weight loss? I would love to see others who have had their surgeres around our date. Afterall our Year Anniversary is coming soon! Take care and good luck in the future!
  15. How can one tell if you stoma is streched? I have commented in other posts that because of my diaily medicine I am always drinking water. I have stuggled the whole time with not driking while eating, but sometimes my mouth and throat are so dry that I can't even swallow without some water. I also weigh my protein and do not worry about yogurt. I am still worried about my stoma since I will tell you I do sip water while I eat. Thankfully I see my Dr. in two days and will adress this with him. To adress how to tell when u r full; I get hiccups sometimes, but most of the time I get hot flashes and nausea, I am still struggling to learn to stop before this happens.