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  1. Eating and not feeling full

    I asked the same question myself. I'm 2 weeks post op and haven't felt fullness but once (I think) and then it was only a feeling of pressure after eating liquid/pureed food. I now eat blended/finely chopped (pepper consistency) chicken and other foods and don't feel full. I have to stop myself, which scares me because this is the problem I had which gained my weight...stopping. I hope the full feeling comes fast. I sometimes notice I'm eating up to 4 oz instead of the 2 oz I should. I am trying to discipline myself to stop at 2 oz but I forget sometimes. Any positive words of encouragement or experience is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I am on mashed/pureed food basically. Anything that will turn to mush in my mouth before I swallow or anything I can blend before I eat I can have. I can't swallow anything solid, so anything soft I eat I chew, chew, chew until its mush in my mouth. First week was liquids then my doctor said I could have pureed or mashed foods for the next few weeks. Amazingly, baked chips was on the allowed foods list from my doc as long as I chewed them to mush consistency before I swallowed it. I trust what my doc says but I also like to get a consensus from people actually going thru this.
  3. Actually I sometimes feel full after the chips. But its a manner of quantity. How many chips I eat. Go figure?! I much prefer the banana for a snack anyways.
  4. I'm a male 2 weeks out tomorrow and for the 1st 1.5 weeks I would only 2 oz as my doc instructed. He told me I should only eat 2 oz per meal and only 3 meals per day. I'm a guy and if I do this I starve. My typical day is this: BF: 3/4 a small/medium soft boiled egg Brunch: 1/2 banana Lunch: 2oz of tuna with 1 cracker or refried beans and a few baked tostitos evening snack: 15 baked lays chips or 1/2 banana dinner: 2-4 oz of beans, mashed potatoes, finely chopped chicken snack: 15 baked lays chips or sugar free popsicle In between I drink water or a crystal light drink and try to stay as sugar free or low sugar as possible. I wait 30 mins before drinking after eating I still don't get the full pressure feeling and usually crave more food after eating. This typically is in the evening. I very worried something is wrong since I'm not feeling full but remaining hungry (which is miserable like a diet). If I eat more Im afraid I'll stretch my pouch or stop losing. My doc said 2 oz but I feel I can eat more. Everything else seems to be doing fine per my doctor exam. Shouldn't I feel full after 2oz being only 2 weeks out. I am a conversion from band to bypass. Please help!
  5. Thanks for the support everyone! Does anyone still feel hungry even after eating? My doc says my pouch is the perfect size but I sometimes don't feel full even after eating the specified 2 oz and the fullness doesn't last long. I wonder if its in my head, but I don't feel the pressure under the breastbone you feel when full.
  6. thank you. I was starting to think something was wrong.
  7. Hello everyone! I am 1 wk post op and my doc says everything looks perfect. I had a revision from a failed Realize band to a RNY. The only problem I'm having is that I constantly feel weak, shaky, & sweaty. I get this way if I try to move around any. I had my surgery the 28 June and was home the 29th June. I stopped the Lortab on 3 July. As of 5 July I have lost 19 lbs. No drop as of today. I left home for the first time 5 July to see if any life was still out there. I couldn't go more than 10 mins before I thought I would lay down on the floor of the store to pass out. I then went home. I have been eating proteins and drinking plenty of water, but I did notice my protein shake was a little on the sugary high side so I switched to another brand with lower sugar. I thought I'd go out today. I took a glass of water with me and sipped vigorously. I lasted longer, but was sweating and weak the whole time and after 30 mins I was exhausted. If it wouldn't for the weakness I'd be fine. Any ideas? I was hypoglycemic & hypothyroid before surgery and am still I suppose, defiantly still hypothyroid, but I'm taking meds for the thyroid. My doc determined I had H. Pylori and now will be taking 2 wks of antibiotics. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!