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  1. Wedding pictures- finally, lol..

    Happy 3rd and many more!
  2. How did Tuesdays dr appt go?

  3. Fitting In 5 Years Later

    You know I am here for you.... just not "HERE".
  4. Just be weary if you are taking any liquid version of a medicine, many contain sugar and have a high alcohol content. If you already feel bad, you dont wanna have a dumping episode or get drunk! Feel better!
  5. Can A Ritz Cracker Be Okay?

    Would you give a 3 week old baby a Ritz cracker or 4? It really is a no brainer.

    Glad your Old English butt is back home and feeling better !
  7. how to get out of grazing rut and back on track?

    Grazing can be a very real problem when you get past your active weight loss phase even with smart food choices. Even the healthiest of choices can become bad keep that in mind.
  8. I heart your fat cat post.... The inability to accept constructive criticism and advice is why I no longer post here and only read. Kudos for going against the grain.

  9. Do you have Self Control?? Do you Really?

    But technically they "could" since obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and so on are genetically passed down from parents. So why not promote healthy eating at a young age. Obviously if you have a predisposition of obesity then your children mostly like already have one strike against them why not do all you can to keep them from struggling how you did.
  10. KARLOS

    Get well old person..... you are needed by so many.
  11. Please get well.... its not up for debate.

  12. Freaking Out!

    Time for you period? Do you need to poop? Eat something with a lot of sodium? Different clothes or scales? It really could be a number of things. Don't fret the small stuff.
  13. 24 grams of sugar in tomato soup?

    With that amount of sugar I wouldn't eat it now at 3 plus years out, much less 1 week post op. I would look for a better alternative.
  14. maybe she doesn't know how to resize them. I wouldn't either. Looks delish, but since bananas and sf still hate my guts (literally) after 3 years I will just have to take your word for it and enjoy your pics.
  15. Clothes Shopping

    Yes mam I agree and can't wait to see those pics. And I totally call bullcrap on your being 59 FYI! I am gonna need a facial closeup as well.