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  1. I was able to put on my wedding ring for the first time in over a year!! I can't stop looking at it. I have missed it so much. I was wearing a cheap-o ring and now I have the real deal back. I am also wearing jeans I haven't been able to wear in about 4 years! This has been an exciting week. Now if I can just avoid all the Easter candy in my son's basket....
  2. They also stitch this site tighter to prevent hernias (that is what my surgeon said). My site was also on the left side and hurt significantly longer than my other 4 sites. It is fine now though. Hope you heal fast!!
  3. I went out walking with my Mom and son today. It was fun and the weather was nice. We also did a little shopping, always fun! My Mom (who sees me almost everyday) kept staring at me. She said, "I just can't believe how skinny your face is getting." It made me tear up! I can see some small changes in my body, my clothes fit better, and I can move around better. It is so nice to hear a compliment from her. Just had to share. Feeling pretty good about myself today!
  4. I feel so much better reading all of these wonderful and encouraging responses!!! We are all human, we all make mistakes...we just need to learn from them. I really do love this site! I feel so welcomed, encouraged, understood, and uplifted. Thank you!
  5. I was just going to post about my own confession! I went to the movies tonight and I had a scoop of ice cream. I had been craving it SO bad. I ate it slowly and really enjoyed it....then it was not so fun. No dumping, but my stomach hurt SOOOOO bad. It was a really good learning experience for me. I know that I won't be doing it again!!! I am feeling only slightly guilty about it though. I knew what I wanted, ate it, and then immediately regretted it. My own fault and a good lesson. I also know that prior to surgery I would have had 2 scoops, a soda, and probably some of my sister's popcorn. Next time I will bring a protein bar or something healthy and have it in my purse. We will live...we will get over it...we will learn from it. Don't get too down on yourself, we are only human.
  6. Thanks everyone! The ringing is still there. I see my surgeon this coming Friday and will ask about it. I have a great ENT I can ask if my surgeon doesn't have answers.
  7. So, I am just over 3 weeks out and the last week I have had constant ringing in my ears. What is going on? It is so annoying. Anyone else ever had this? What can I do about it?
  8. My surgery date was 2/4, so we are buddies! I have lost 25lbs since surgery and am really happy with it, but today I got on the scale and had GAINED 1.4lbs. I weigh every 2 or 3 days. Maybe I need to only weigh once a week? I have been living on Isopure carb-free protein drinks, scrambled eggs, pureed soup (cream based), and low fat string cheese. I have a hard time getting in all my liquids too. I am still VERY tired, and usually take a nap in the middle of the day. I am frustrated!
  9. Cigna did not require me to lose a certain amount of weight, but my doctor did. She had me lose 20lbs pre-op. All that Cigna required was for me to come into my surgeon's office once per calendar month for 3 months (90 days). As far as what I ate..I cut out regular soda, ice cream, a lot of carbs. Basically, I did weight watchers without going to meetings. I have done WW many times!! I did talk to my NUT and she encouraged a high protein, low carb, low fat diet. When I went in for my weigh-ins, I met with the physician assistant, went over my diet and talked about food choices. In and out in 15 minutes. Hope that helps
  10. I had Cigna and started when it was still a 6 month requirement. I was SUPER excited when I learned they had changed it to only 3 months!! My initial paperwork from my surgeon said I needed a 2 year weight history. The 3 months was also a little tricky...it wasn't 3 weigh-ins, it was 90 days. I also needed clearance from my PCP. She found some things she wanted double checked before she cleared me. Once those were checked, I was submitted and ready for approval. My approval came through very fast and I was scheduled about for surgery. Surgery was about 3 weeks later. Total time from meeting my surgeon to surgery was about 7 months. A little longer than I wanted, but now it is in the past! And I am on my way to healthier life!!!
  11. I am just over two weeks out and have several times that I have just wanted to cry and go back to my old stomach. Then I realize that I made this decision not for myself, but for my son. I have to change to be there for him. I want to play with him and be there for his wedding and kids. I would be dead before he graduated high school if I stayed the same. Sure, I feel sorry for myself and wish I could eat what I wanted, but I know that this is all for the best. When I get down, I look at the big picture. I am making healthier decisions for my future and already seeing a difference. It will be hard at times and I hope that I can cope and count on my TT friends to get me through it.
  12. I have PCOS also. I don't have a period unless I am on birth control. I have a 2 year old and got a Mirena IUD after he was born. I had about 4 weeks of bleeding/spotting after I got it, then pretty much nothing since! I had surgery on 2/4/13 and got my period on 2/7, and it won't go away!! I am bleeding pretty moderately and it is SOOOOO annoying. How long did your periods last after surgery??
  13. I hadn't had a period for almost 2 years (I have an IUD). Mine started 3 days post-op as well. I don't know if it was a combo of blood thinner and hormones or what! I wish is would stop though. I only received one dose of blood thinner in the hospital.
  14. Thank you! I stopped by The Vitamin Shoppe today and the Isopure drinks were on sale!! Still spent about $3.50 each, but at least I know that I like them.