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  1. If it helps you as a goal, I don't know that I'd think of it as a waste of money! I have such an odd body type, I have to try on everything before I buy it, so I tend not to use clothes as motivation. I do like the size idea though!
  2. My weight loss doesn't really follow the trend they show there, other than having a loss every month. I'm behind where it says I should be at this point, but I'm not worried about it. I pushed the boundaries around the holidays and was fluctuating between maintaining and only losing like 4 pounds in a month. Now I'm back to a more sustainable 8 to 10 pounds a month loss. I don't expect it to keep up indefinitely though, as I know the closer I get to goal, the harder it's likely to be to lose that much. I won't be surprised if I gain, like the chart shows for me. I do expect it to take longer than the trend they have, partly due to my holiday shenanigans and partly just how my body tends to lose. Every time I've lost weight before, I've plateaued like crazy, one time for more than a year gaining and losing the same five pounds. I would not be surprised to have it happen with this as well. So, while I think it's an interesting tool (and I do love me some charts), everybody is different in how they lose, how long it will take, whether they will have setbacks, slow downs, etc. As long as you're happy with your journey, that's all that matters.
  3. Thanks for reminding me of the muscle weighing more issue! I tend to do mostly walking as exercise right now, as I have a very needy dog who wants to walk all the time. But I would like to build more muscle. Definitely need to keep that in mind as I get closer to 'goal'.
  4. That sounds pretty familiar! I didn't want to go nuts with my goal to start with, so set the 160, which would still be overweight. But had the 150 as my really want to hit goal. Now it just seems so close and like it won't be enough, so I like the idea of being flexible and adjusting over time. My math loving heart though wants to be able to crunch numbers and look at trends, so I'll be putting lots of these ideas into spreadsheets! Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the link! Never saw that before and it's right up my alley for being able to fiddle with numbers. According to that, my ideal weight is 138. Still sounds doable and is in the normal weight BMI. I really like the way it shows a trend month by month (and includes some gains near the end, which I know is probably very realistic).
  6. When I first had surgery, I was comfortable setting my personal goal weight at 160, then thought I could do 150. I had been around 160 in high school when I last played softball and was in fairly good shape. I was a size 12 and felt pretty good. My surgeon hasn't ever set a specific goal weight with me. Cut to this weekend, when I hit the 180's for the first time since high school. I realized that's less than 30 or 40 pounds from my initial ideas for a goal weight and I still look like I have a lot to lose. I'm already down to some size 14's (and medium shirts...wow was that a happy day). And now I have no clue where I should end up with as a goal. Anything under 150 puts me in the normal weight BMI. Do I just keep going and see how I look? I'm rather nuts with my weight tracking with a spreadsheet and charts and formulas. I like to have a goal in mind, so I can keep track of my progress. And now I'm a bit lost, as I'm not sure where I should be going. So, how did you come up with your goal weight? Or did you use some other tracker besides weight? I don't have my next follow up with my surgeon's office until August and I know this will drive me nuts until then.
  7. I was wondering the same thing, though I'm looking to start with a half marathon first, then try a full marathon next year. I'm already struggling with getting the shakes if I go over 2 miles without having some extra protein. I hadn't even thought of needing carbs, since my focus has been on protein for so long. Will definitely chat with my nutritionist at my next appointment.
  8. kamadu

    Onederland! Woo!

    It's been about six weeks since I finished up a weight loss challenge with my local running store, during which I got off my holiday stall. I'm happy that I kept up the weight loss, losing the last 11 pounds to get me under my mini goal of 200. Onederland! Woo! This is the first time I've been under 200 since high school. I celebrated last night by walking over 2 miles with my dog. I've been slowly ramping up the walks now that our weather is finally warming up. 2 miles barely had me breaking a sweat, so looks like I'm good for longer walks again!
  9. Thanks to everyone! To answer one question, all but about 14 pounds has been post surgery. I had lost some pre-surgery to meet my insurance requirements, then gained a bit of it back in between approval and surgery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get below 200 this next week. I was doing awesome, then got hit with my worst bout of PMS yet and gained a bit, then stalled again. I seem to be back on track though, so I'll be doing some celebrating soon
  10. That sounds very scary. Hope you're on the mend now.
  11. So, here's my before and after. I was 325 before my pre-surgery diet. As of this morning, I'm at 206. I hadn't realized how much I'd changed until one of my cousin's posted a pic of me on facebook with her new baby. It also reminded me, I hadn't taken any pictures since surgery. I'm not upset at not documenting my progress photographically. I'm more of a numbers person, so I've been crazy with keeping my stats in a spreadsheet with formulas and graphs. My math nerd heart is happy with that Still about 45 to 55 pounds or so to go to my goal. When I get to 160, I'll see how I feel and reevaluate my numbers.
  12. kamadu

    100 pounds down!

    I hit my 100 pound loss on Sunday this week. So happy! I had stalled horribly over the holidays and decided to join a weight loss competition through my local running store. Since it started four weeks ago, I'm down another 13.6 pounds. Still eight weeks to go of the competition and I'm looking forward to seeing how much more I can lose. This is especially good as I'm at my six month out from surgery date and was getting nervous about weight loss stalling/slowing for even longer. I'm at the lowest I've weighed in over 20 years. Off a bunch of meds. I still don't have the energy levels I'd like, but I know that's on me. I've not been the best about keeping up with exercise. I really miss being able to walk outside. With rheumatoid arthritis and reynaud's syndrome, I can't really exercise outside when it's cold. I'm also not so great at getting in all my vitamins and iron pills. I'm managing at least one dose out of two for both of them, but need to get better at that. This weekend or next, I plan to head out to our nicer suburbs to check out the goodwill and VoA. I have plenty of shirts, but I'm running out of nice work pants that don't fall off my hips. I've just put a bunch aside for donation, which feels awesome. Here's hoping to an early end to winter! (not holding my breath on that...it's been one of our coldest in many years. ugh)
  13. This thread cracked me up! My company actually sells tampons (to go in vending machines) so this discussion is like a typical day at work for me We sell both the plastic and cardboard applicator and it really is a personal preference. I always recommend the plastic for anyone starting out, as they tend to be easier for insertion. I've tried both and find the cardboard ones very difficult to grip, especially if I'm flowing heavy and the applicator gets fluid on it. It's more likely to end up dropped in the toilet than inside me. Also, make sure you use the lightest absorbency for your period. Using a super tampon when you've got a light flow is a recipe for toxic shock syndrome. It's why you only ever see regular absorbency tampons in vending machines. We get asked for the super all the time, but the risk of TSS is not worth it. I agree that the Playtex Sport is pretty awesome. I alternate those with regular Playtex. I got my period really young (week before my 9th birthday) so I didn't get into tampons until high school when I was playing softball. I found them uncomfortable at first and went through a lot of trial and error before I found the brand and method to use that worked for me. (which is Playtex and sitting on the toilet) I am not a contortionist or a yoga master, so no way can I make it work standing up. I do not miss the days when I only wore pads. No more ruined sheets or embarrassing runs to the bathroom and carrying an extra change of pants, just in case.
  14. I would suggest checking with your gym to see if they offer any training opportunities for something like that. You also may want to check with a local running store or club. My local running store offers a ton of training for different activities. They may not do the full training program for a triathlon, but they may be able to point you in the right direction for it. Hit post too soon. Meant to add, good for you for doing this! One of my goals when I'm under 200 is to start training for a marathon again. I made my first attempt about 15 years ago and pulled a bunch of muscles in my back the week before the race, so only made it 9 miles. It's been a goal ever since to actually finish one!
  15. It took me over two months to get back to anything close to normal energy levels. I went back to work at two weeks out and had to take a nap everyday in my car at lunch, and then another nap after work. Around the two month mark, things finally started to get better with less naps needed and more energy. I do remember feeling better when I also made sure to get in all my protein/water/exercise, but the exercise especially was hard once I was back at work and ready to nap at the drop of a hat. Good luck to you!