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  1. There isn't a person on here who has gone through this surgery who hasn't thought "I wish I had been able to get this done 10, 20, 30, or more years earlier".
  2. not too spicy but a nice taste.
  3. my favorite pureed food was Wendy's chili with 2 packs of hot sauce run through the food processor. Doesn't look that great but it tastes the same.
  4. Was at Costco last night. I usually keep some of their canned chicken breast on hand. Low calories, high protein, well last night I saw that they now have Buffalo flavored canned chicken. Haven't opened it yet, but it looks very promising. At the checkout, the girl told me they just got it in and the employees tasted it and she said she liked it. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will try it this weekend.
  5. try the Premiere protein premade shakes. Not like a Micky D's milkshake, but I thought not too bad. Everybody seems to have a protein shake they like, you're just going to have to try them till you find a tolerable one. good luck
  6. My wife was the same. Wouldn't even come to the hospital. I did this for ME. Period. Try to block those negative thoughts. Remember the "little train that could" I think I can, I think I can, ... I KNOW I can!
  7. the only thing I have noticed about flying is how nice it is to be able to fit comfortably in the seats!!!
  8. I never took anything for pain after midnight on day of surgery and my surgery was at noon. I was walking at the grocery store less than 48 hours after my surgery. Don't fear the pain. It is not in everybody's future. think positive.
  9. if I eat anything within a couple hours of going to bed, when I lie down my sleeve "talks" to me. Rumble, rumble. pisses my wife off too, its sometimes that loud
  10. early on I only weighed when I went to my every two week appts at the weight loss clinic. Get rid of that thing.
  11. So envious of you young people who are able to take advantage of this surgery. Gotta say to make the most of this incredible tool you have been given.
  12. The thing I have noticed the most is the huge increase in energy I have. Some days I'm bouncing off the walls like a 6 year old who just drank a 2 liter of Mountain Dew.
  13. So,so glad I didn't see any video's of surgery before I had mine
  14. before you know it there will be a "1" starting that weight number. Keep up what you're doing because whatever it is IT IS WORKIN'
  15. paczki- like a doughnut, but deep fried in lard with a ton of filling (fruit flavored) sprinkled with powdered sugar and about the size of a small football. 600 calories and 35 grams of fat. They were everywhere at work, but I was able to resist, thank goodness.