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  1. *brushed off dust* good lawd the maid must have quit and didn't tell me! And I paid her weekly since 2017! The nerve of some people <_<

  2. Wow have I been a member since 2012? While no longer active, I still recommend it to others. Always had a ton of support and good information from here. Glad to see it hasn't fallin into bad hands. 

  3. Where did the sun go?

    1. JTJ1977


      To the Southern Hemisphere to return in all its glory very soon. :)

  4. I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob

  5. Blimey! There is sunshine on the horizon. Might splice the mainbrace this weekend

    1. sakura


      I've heard from colleagues in Belgium and the Netherlands that the weather has been just horrid this spring/summer. Here's to some sun!

  6. I am a pirate! Fair winds landlubbers!

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