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  1. Anyone from ne pa

    I moved to Allentown area now.
  2. 396 to 218

    My doctors goal for me was 160. But everyone said I'd be to skinny then. I think 190-200 is good for me.
  3. 396 to 218

    I do go back and forth with 10 to 15lbs. But I am happy. I am 5'10 so a lot of people say there is no way i Weigh 218, but i do. I am 3yrs+ out of surgery. Before and current pics.
  4. Back - With Fibro

    I am 4 years out. And am having all these problems neurologicaly. I am on Cymbalta and Neurotin. I have an MRI on Tuesday and then having and EEG done. I have constant pain and twitching in my body and legs. Numbing too. This all just started in the past year. And im finding more woman have this problem after this surgery. Im wondering why or if this is really just that common now.
  5. 180lbs Down :)

    Thank you all so much!! I must say the weight loss is amazing! I do feel great too. Unfortunately, me losing the weight made me more active and hurt my hip problem more. I need hip replacements on both hips. Sucks! I can't do any standing jobs or go out and enjoy the weight loss, because i can't stand more then 5 minutes without my leg hurting and burning. I'm on meds which are giving me hives now. So I have to get that changed also. Anyway, if I didn't have the hip problems. I would be FANTASTIC! LOL I did exercise in the beginning until I had the problems with my hips. Haven't done any since. I have the skin and still weight to lose. I do get more attention from guys now, but I don't let it go to my head at all. I've heard horror stories or girls and guys that let is all go to their heads. But I do love the compliments. It makes me feel good with all the work I've done losing the weight.
  6. 180lbs Down :)

    It's been a while since I've been on this forum. Figured I would update with some pictures.
  7. Anyone from Pittsburgh/surrounding area?

    Hey everyone! Not a newbie to this website. But newbie to the area. I just moved to Stoystown by Somerset/Johnstown. I did live out by philladelphia. I had my surgery March of 09. Down 150lbs.
  8. Does anyone suffer from facial hair?

    I shave every day. My upper lip, Chin, Under on the neck and sides of face. In other words it could be the full beard if i let it go. My chin and lip are noticeable by the end of the day. So I tend to keep a razor with me. My Fiance' thankfully is completely comfortable with it and even touches my face. But I hate it if i haven't shaved yet that morning. He tells me to get over it.. but i guess he doesn't completely understand how we feel about it. I wished so many times to be able to get facials at a salon. But that will never happen. I've seen Vaniqa as someone else posted. I've wanted to try it and just might. Since they did mention it worked. I don't care the cost honestly. I do feel much better knowing there are so many girls with the same problem.
  9. From Size 38/40w to a 20/18 :)

    One of the biggest things I will stress on is taking the protein. My loss has stopped the past 2 months. I'm hoping it will come back around again. I'm still in the 200's and would love to hit 199. I am almost 6ft if it looks like I weigh less then 241.
  10. Before picture...Size 38/40 Current Picture Size 20/18
  11. 10months - 141lbs down

    Hi everyone! I know its been quite a few months since i've last been on here. I just wanted to give and update with some pictures. I still want to lose another 50 or so lbs. I am 5'11 so I dont want to be to tiny. Just Healthy But even if I didnt lose anymore I am so much happier and heathier now. 386lbs BEFORE picture AFTER - 249lbs
  12. Did you ever sell that treadmill?

  13. Hey girl, I just came acrossed your page and thought I would tell you how great you look already in your last pics. Congrats!

  14. March 2009 Staplers

    Hi All! I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up with this post. I'm such a bad follower with these threads lol. So how is everyone doing? I can't sleep so its 3am and I'm wide awake. So sad.