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  1. Hi folks... Not sure if this is still an active forum... but, I am a "banded person" seeking Ins. approval for the conversion... Any thoughts on sleeve vs. bypass? Would love to hear from you... Thanks....
  2. Hi, I'm new here... I am a gastric band patient having problems... I am currently waiting for Ins. to approve a conversion. I am considering the sleeve or bypass... just not sure which at this point... I am very interested in this conversation because, I had banding in Feb 2010 and have done well for about 2 years.... however the last 6 months or so, has not been good. Problems with partial obstruction, vomiting, pain, AND, have recently had a thyroid scan due to nodules on my thyroid... Sooooooo Momma2Three, I would really like to hear about the thryoid problem that you had... Do they think it had anything to do with the band procedure? I had some pain in my throat several months ago and they found some nodules and so have just recently had a scan done. I don't have the results back as of yet... so this is very interesting to me... Through all of this, after talking with my Dr. I have found out that they are doing at least 1 conversion per week and his PA also stated that she would like to see the banding stopped all together. Especially with the new "sleeve"... that seems to be a better alternative. It was available when I had the band done or I would have had that then. Sorry you are having such a hard time... but, I too agree that the band failed you... and not the other way around... God Bless You.
  3. Baja... what made you go with the bypass over the sleeve? Did you start having problems with the band?
  4. I am wanting to talk with anyone who has gone from gastric banding to the sleeve/bypass...
  5. Hi folks... I had lap banding in Feb 2010 and lost around 50 lbs. My original weight was 234 and I got down to 183. Thrilled... I wanted to get to 150. But, I had great results in my lab work and totally reversed the Diabetes II. About 3 months ago, I started having some complications... continual feeling of obstruction and pretty violent vomiting (sorry). No matter what I ate, how small of bites. It really scared me this time. Along with some reflux and heartburn which I haven't had since the surgery... Also, a continual cough that is very aggravating... All common with problems with the lap band. I've had the occasional problems with eating to fast, taking to large of bite, etc., but, it did pass with no complications. This was a bit different for me. I was at a 5.5 fill. I ended up seeing my doctor and had to have most of the fluid removed. And since then have gained back 15-20 lbs... very discouraging. I am currently waiting on insurance to approval a revision/conversion for me to the gastric sleeve. I am still not sure which way is the right way to go. Until this point I had great success with the gastric banding and recommened it lots of other folks... However, during this time, I have talked with my doctors and PA and found out this is NOT uncommon. After a couple of years for scar tissue to grow around the banding area and complications to start... In fact, my PA did state that they are doing at least 1 conversion a week... This was really discouraging to me... and she went on to say... she really wished they would stop the lap band. I don't want to discourage anyone in anyway... and I hope more than anything that you continue to have great success with the banding because I chose it because of the less invasive procedure at the time... and it was the right thing for me. However, if you do start experiencing some problems, just know it's not uncommon... I would love to chat with anyone about the banding... anyone having problems with the banding... or anyone else considering a conversion... Again, good luck to you and God Bless..
  6. Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself to you... My Name is Connie and I am new to the forum... I am thinking about the gastric sleeve. I had the lap band 2 years ago and due to complications and going to have a conversion. I am currently waiting for ins approval... can you tell me why you decided on the sleeve over the bypass? How are you feeling? God Bless You...
  7. Hi there... I am a Newbie as well to this forum... just joining today... and I have the EXACT same problem as you do... I had banding done in Feb 2010 and did really... really well with it for the first 2 years. However, the last 2 months have been MIS-ER-ABLE!!! The feeling of obstruction, the violent throwing up and now the eating of softer, higher caloric foods and craving sugar like never before!~~~~ AND, I never moved!!! If, I may, I believe the problem is this... with the fear of violently throwing up.... we tend to eat the softer, higher carbohydrate foods that cause us to crave more and more sugar... Which in turns adds weight to our bodies and makes us feel as though we are backing up with HUGE back up lights... Thus, comes the feeling of "comfort" from the foods that we don't fear of throwing up... (great psychology, huh???) Anyway, I want you to know you are not in this alone... My doctor confirmed to me (as well as his assistant) they are doing at least 1 conversion per week. AND, his PA went as far to say, "I wish they would just stop the banding". Hummmm???? I, too am considering the Gastric Sleeve over the Bypass. I am 54 and have always been very active until 12 years ago when I received a Traumatic closed head brain injury from a car accident. It changed my life forever... I began to take all sorts of medications, weight gain and now have other issues and so my Vitamin levels are not that well anyway... So, I am leaning on the Sleeve. I am currently waiting for my Insurance to approve the conversion/revision. As with my weight loss and lower BMI, I don't really fit the criteria for the surgery set up by the Insurance Companies, but, that is because I have had one procedure and lost 50 pounds. I don't want to gain that back before they will approve me... Seems a bit ridiculous to me... I am also comparing the two procedures and want to well informed and hopefully make a very educated and right decision for me. I would love to keep in touch with you and know what you are thinking and how this all goes for you... Good luck and God Bless You...
  8. Just joining the forum... June 15, 2012 I had the gastric banding in Feb. 2010 and have actually done very well with it... until a couple of months ago. My highest weight was 234. Weight at surgery was 222. Weight 2 years later 183. However, a couple of months ago, I began having a lot of problems with partial obstruction followed by pretty severe vomiting (sorry), and afterwards of course, reflux and discomfort. I saw my Surgeon and he removed most of the fluid to give me relief. And with that relief comes a weight gain of almost 20 pounds, putting me back at 203. Needless to say, I am very unhappy. I am in the process of going for the conversion to the Gastric Sleeve and waiting for insurance approval. I am still not sure of the complications with the Gastric Bypass. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on the conversion? Do you like the sleeve? Have you experienced the weight loss you want too? Do you find it easy to gain weight back? Thanks so much... Connie in Florida.