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    You look fantastic and your arms look amazing!! I'm jealous of those arms!!
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  4. That's amazing!!!!! Keep it up!!
  5. I had two of my drains removed on my last F/u and I still have one in and you were right, it was the weirdest feeling ever, and there was burning after. Couldn't take a pain pill because I drove. But it was bearable. I went shopping the other day though, I'm in a size 8 right now and Im still really swollen so i think once the swelling goes down I might be a size 6! But I'd be happy at a size 8!! My stomach is starting to look a little better. Its less lumpy and more smooth. Im standing up a bit straighter. Anyone here ever flown with drains in by any chance?
  6. He said I will be a little lumpy until I stand up straight. I already had my first f/u and knew my drains woulnd't be getting removed..I have 3 as well, and it's no fun! But I think, given the amount Im draining lately, I will have them out on Friday. Fingers crossed! I have loads of questions for him on friday lol. My stomach is essentially flat, but there is a part that is swollen just under the cut, and it looks huge. Trying not to worry about it but I will definitely ask him when I can see an improvement on that.
  7. I just bought my first victorias secret bra yesterday...Im a 36DD with them, and have that issue you do. My breasts are wrinkly and gross...this bra is called body image I think...and its great. Allows a little bit of cleavage and supports them pretty well too. Was a tad on the expensive side though.
  8. I'm a week out. I wanted to share a few things early out because I wish I had been able to find something that explained things to me. Keep in mind, everyone is different. First - I'm very happy I had this done. I never once had a moment when I was like " I woulnd't have done this if I had known...(insert random complaint)" Second - My stomach is a hot mess right now. I knew it wouldn't come out looking like a super models, to start with or probably ever, but I was shocked at what it looks like right now. However - I am one week post op, and a mess is to be expected. It's lumpy, and bulgy and swollen. The swollen I expected. lumpy and bulgy I didnt. When you are shown before and after pictures, keep in mind they are not one week post op pictures lol. The feeling down there is...strange. It's very hard to describe. He yanked my upper vagina up and connected that part to my stomach...that helps with the dreaded fat hanging bulge above our vaginas(a huge issue for me) But when he was taking out the staples and touching that area, it felt SOOO strange. I could feel the sensation lower, but where he was touching was higher. It was mad weird. I have three drainage tubes in me..coming right out from above my vagina. They aren't comfortable, and I have to measure how much fluid comes out of them every morning and night. Hopefully I get them removed on Friday at my 2nd F/U. The doctor took 14lbs of skin off of me, and it is a HUGE difference. It's really quite amazing. As far as the pain - The gastric was by far worse. Gastric was probably the worst pain I've felt my entire life. This was pretty easy(for me) considering. I have felt pain, of course, but it's all bearable, and nothing that made me want to cry or had me feeling any regrets. At a week out, I'm driving, and walking, although the back pain is horrible and I can't walk for long without needing a chair. I don't go anywhere that doesn't provide the scooter chairs (like at walmart) because I can't manage long without one. I'm still off work, and not sure how at this point I'll ever go back lol but hopefully in another week I've improved vastly. The best thing though, regardless of what the stomach looks like under clothes, is that it's pretty much flat in clothes. That huge hanging apron of skin is completely gone. And soon, my tummy will look much better. Just thought I'd share my experiences and thoughts, in case any are going to get it. And I paid 7600$ for it. I know when I went looking for prices, it was very hard to find any. Each patient is usually charged a little different, based on case. I went to Dr. Joseph R Barnthouse in kansas city. He's phenominal.
  9. He's really good!!! I would have voted for him if I had watched Xfactor! hehe
  10. I don't chew my food to death. Occasionally it still gets stuck, but like someone above said, that's if I take too big a bite and its usually meat or bread that it happens with. One thing I've learned with this surgery is better how to control how I eat. Now I could eat whatever I want, if I paced myself...but I don't, because this surgery gave me the help I needed to get the person trapped inside of me out. And now I would never let myself go back to what I was before.
  11. My tummy tuck(Or large abdominoplasty, as they call it lol) is scheduled for April 23rd. The time is getting closer and closer and I'm getting more and more nervous. I have SO much skin for them to take off, and I'm terrified it's such a large amount that I won't wake up or something! On another note, I was stuck at 165 for almost 2 months, (I never gained any but I was stuck)and finally, I started working out, and pushing myself to eat better. I'm about 10 months out now and I eat about 1200 calories a day. I've dropped down to 159 in the last 3 goal before surgery was 155 so I might hit it or very close to it.
  12. I met Tate Stevens last night Winner of X Factor. Super cool guy. Here is a picture!
  13. Had serious itching when I came out of the surgery. Heard benedryl helps a lot, but they wouldn't let me have any in the hospital because the doctor hadn't put in the order for it, so I had to suffer through it. Only lasted a few days for me though. Still can't stomach protein shakes either!!
  14. I've never been able to get more than 60g a day the most 70, on a good day. I'm 8 months out.
  15. I sought out my own, because I'm not a year out and you have to maintain wt loss for over a year with my insurance company to even be considered to get it covered, and then they don't do much but cut the excess skin off, so you don't get a nice pretty tummy. It is costing 7,600$ and I have loads of skin that he will be removing. I will post a before and after, once I get it done. Since I am going to an actual plastic surgeon, and it is mostly cosmetic, he will do everything he can to make sure my tummy looks great. I am going to Dr. Barnthouse in MO. Here's the link if any of you want to check out his tummy tuck pictures. Incredible what he can do!! Thanks for the heads up about the pillow! I will buy one of those soon.