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  1. Having my gallbladder removed at the end of month. I was told I would have to change my diet bc I've had GB and I would need to see my Dr for diet restrictions etc... I had my GB surgery in Germany and I can't find a Dr stateside that will work with me...long story! Has anyone had their gallbladder removed after GB and had a special diet? Or special restrictions?
  2. In the past 1 1/2 months I have had my 1 year surgevsary! yay! Ive lost 117 lbs. so far!! I moved from Germany back to the US to Arizona! What a major difference coming back to the states after 4 years in Germany. Especially, Germany to Arizona! I decided I want to be a Healthy lifestyles coach/NUT and the whopper is I found out that Im pregnant! Im almost 11 weeks and considered a high risk. Everything has been so crazy and exciting I just had to share!
  3. I am interested as well. I also just had my 1 year surgervesary and found im pregnant!
  4. You have done an awesome job! Happy Surgiversary!
  5. Im moving to Sierra Vista... I think thats about an hour or so from Tucson?
  6. I have had really low iron levels for awhile now and upping my iron pills have not worked, so my doctors decided I need an iron infusion. Has anyone had this before? I go to tomorrow for the infusion and a bit nervous....
  7. Moving to Arizona next month and would to have a wls buddy close!
  8. airbornewifey


    You look amazing!
  9. Tomorrow is my 8 months post op and I finally hit onederland! When I started my journey I was 291 lbs and today I was 196! It seems like I have struggled with these last 11 pounds since the new year and finally I have reached my second goal! Im so excited I just had to share!
  10. I started this a little later than I planned, but so far so good. day 1 I had mental hunger but I made it. day 2 and no mental hunger! Honestly, I didnt think I was going to make it! Im on Day 3 now and so proud of my self!! Oh and I finally hit onederland!!!!
  11. After spending weeks taking care of a sick hubby and a sick kiddo I am now sick! When I get sick there Is no sick for a few days its more like a sinus infection turns into bronchitis and pnuemia which lands me Lovely little stay in the hospital. So i called my pcp to get some meds ( i was nervous bc i havent been Sick since my surgery) but my pcp is no longer there and i have to wait for a new pcp to be assigned for me. I was then told to call my surgeon bc i was a special case. (Keep in mind that i live overseas) i called my surgeons office only to find he has been promoted up and is no longer working there... seriously? Both of my doctors!? 2 days later i recieved a phone call from another surgeon saying i could take any medication. Hubby got me some sinus flu and something for my fever. Omumymmmg the pain! I was in tears my stomach hurt so bad! myhubby took me to the er who did a whole lot of nothing. I was told they didnt know a lot about my special case. So they could pump my stomach. And i migt be dehydrated but since I had a special case they couldnt tell be forsure and I should consult with my pcp and surgeon. Needless to say I did not have my stomach pumped I just left. So I have been running a fever 103.8 cold chills stomach pain, coughing, congestion, dizziness and everytime I get up I get really light headed. im afraid to take anything and im afraid if i dont im going to get worse. Anyone have any idea what i can take? Ideas?
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