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  1. 3 years Later....lost 200 Pds as of today!

    Congratulations!! Love reading stories like this =)
  2. OMG Panic Mode!

    I believe everything happens for a reason......it will all come together =). Congratulations!!
  3. Finally hit the 100lb mark! :)

    So exciting!!!!
  4. Advice Needed - Kinda Worried

    I am on the depo and the day after surgery I had a period.....which is still ongoing. I asked my surgeon and he said for some unknown reason, the anesthetic does this along with the Coumadin. =(
  5. Little Funny That Made Me Feel Good

    I like!
  6. Yikes!

    thank you =)
  7. Post-op 3 weeks

    thank you for sharing this, i am at 3 weeks and experiencing the same thing!!
  8. 3 Weeks out and have not lost in 7 days!

    i am 3 weeks today and been at a stall for the last 5 days. it is discouraging to me. like leanerme said, i have been following all of the rules by the book. =( good luck to all of you!!
  9. Yikes!

    Today was the first day I am allowed soft foods.....I have been so excited for this day!! Breakfast went well, followed by lunch. BUT dinner was a nightmare =(. I had tilapia and ate way too fast!! Immediated discomfort, chest pain and my food was "stuck". I had to bring it back up.... Still a lot to learn!!
  10. Down to 14/16 bottoms!

    Very inspiring!!
  11. Before and after, 1 month post op

    Look great!!
  12. What's best band or bypass?

    I was afraid to have the band with all of the risks. Also, I wanted something that will help me keep my weight off for a lifetime. I haven't been sick at all with my GB. I am only 2 weeks post op but very happy so far. It is a personal choice, your surgeon she speak with you about all options and you will be more comfortable with your decision.
  13. 8day post op appt this morning...

    Thank you!! I am excited about this and keep reminding myself all of these early stage issues are temporary!
  14. Glad to hear all of this. I had a week, faintish, cold/clammy sweaty day yesterday and praying this ant all of the time. Good luck to you kmj.1