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  1. Well TT peeps my day is upon me...again:).... after a 2 year hiatus.. I will be getting WLS hopefully this time it will be successful. I just wanted to personally thank everyone on TT for the best advice on WLS. The experiences and the shared stories here are amazing and I cannot wait to post my story here. I still havent got my arrival time yet but I will check in later tonight to give you guys an update Thanks! Jason
  2. Just wanted to give an update. My inlaw was released from the hospital yesterday after undergoing a triple bypass on Friday, now my mom is getting released today. I am so glad that my mom will be there with me tomorrow during my surgery. I had a huge bolder on my shoulders the past couple of days, now I can focus on getting this surgery and recovery. Thank you everyone for your support! Jason
  3. Wow we have the same surgery date! Good Luck! I thought I was all alone to get surgery on the 23rd LOL.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go to the ER. Hope you feel better. I remember I had to pack a wound opening up from a drain. It was no fun.
  5. Tonystark04

    SAM 1194

    Love the eyes! too cute!
  6. Thanks Guys! It has been a hard couple of days. I will take some time tonight to do what I have to do to make sure everythings in place for surgery.
  7. Wow Gorgeous indeed! Keep up the good work!
  8. Wow this weekend has been very difficult for me and my family. On Friday afternoon one of my inlaws had a triple open heart bypass which was difficult for me seeing him with pretty much everything I'm probably going to have fresh out of surgery..lol... then my mother is dealing with early set of Alzheimer's along with diabetes issues. My parents dont have the best medical care, but Thursday going into Friday my mom had been hallucinating really bad with seeing family and her grandkids running around. It got really bad that I told my dad that we have to take her to the ER. Turned out she ha
  9. I'm having trouble finding the basic stuff at Walmart and the supermarket! Can we have the Hunts Snack Pack sugar free pudding? I read that they have about 2g of sugar alcohols, and I wasnt sure if it was a good idea. I'm also having trouble finding sugar free popsicles! Unbelievable!! LOL I seen sugar free popsicle sticks but they also have sugar alcohols. Going crazy over here making sure I have everything lined up
  10. Hi! I'm having it done at Temple Hospital. Where are you getting yours done? PS- Game was so frustrating to watch! LOL
  11. Hi Nicole. Yup I'm having my surgery done at temple on 09/23/10. Temple has been great so far with the process. I started this journey in March and I got approval on Sept 1. It's really just getting the pre-op testing out the way that is the longest part of the journey.
  12. Wow just signed my consent on Friday to have surgery on Sept 23! I've lost 10 pounds since my last weigh in, and I'm currently on the liquid diet. My surgeon explained to me that he will look into me with a scope to see if Lapro is possible due to my adhesions from open gall bladder surgery in 2007, if not he will convert to a open surgery. I was terrified and shaking signing that paper! I just hope and pray everything goes well. I'm of to go shopping for some stuff I will need and I'm also looking into getting a recliner. Wish me luck people! Ps: Are you ready for some football????!!!!
  13. wow beautiful! you look amazing!
  14. Fingers crossed hun. Praying for you! Jason
  15. Another Philadelphian here welcoming you to TT!
  16. Hey how are you doing? I finally got my date for September 23rd. I'm nervous as heck lol. I just seen your new pics! Wow your doing great...Keep it up!

  17. What brands are you using? I'm curious because I really like yogurts and I hope once I'm post op I will be able to tolerate them. Thanks Jason.
  18. I'm scheduled for September 23rd! First day of Autumn!
  19. OMG I was thinking the same thing last night of one of the foods I'll miss! Can we substitute a chicken chessesteak? lol j/k.
  20. This thread has been very helpful. I still havent had surgery but I start my two week liquid diet next week and I'm already in the mind frame of regret. I will definitely keep that saying "You will deal with it because you have to" in the back of my mind. Good Luck Jason
  21. Congrats! I just got the call yesterday for September 23rd! I hope all goes well for you! Can't wait to hear your progress!
  22. Thanks Everyone! I dont know what's wrong with me lately. I've been under a cloud of doubt ever since I seen that approval letter come in the mail. I guess that's just the jitters.
  23. Wow I got my date this afternoon right when I was leaving work today! I'm scheduled for surgery on September 23rd!!!! I'm crapping bricks right now!!! lol I'm excited and scared at the same time. I go in for pre-admission testing on September 10th and I need to start my 2 week liquid diet prior. So many emotions running through my mind now I'm a bit overwhelmed!. I just pray that this goes well for me. I couldn't get this surgery done in 2008 due to having scar tissue from my open gall bladder surgery, but I have faith if this surgery is converted into a open surgery everything will tur
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