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  1. Wow how time fly's by..It's been 12 months since I made one of the greatest decisions of my life, filled with nothing but excitement and positive energy. Just wanted to thank God for giving me a second chance of fulfilling one of my wishes, my family and friends for supporting me every single day,(you guys know who you are) the best is yet to come. Not one single regret. : D
  2. Oh wow, I'm glad your feeling better hun!

  3. I am doing soooooo much better. Once they stretched my stricture the nausea and puking and feeling horrible instantly went away...

  4. Hey Sunshine! I'm doing really good, it's been a very fun ride! How are you?

  5. Hey there...How are you?? Just stopping by to say hello =)

  6. Had a "wow" moment this weekend shopping for clothes @ Old Navy. I was trying some jeans on and they fit!! It was such a great me moment! crazy! lol

  7. i'm good thanks! how've you been? i see dr. m in 3 weeks. i'm almost 9 months post-op & down a total of 117 pounds! 33 more to go till goal. how about you?

  8. Hey, how are you? have you seen Dr. M lately?

  9. hey... I got a health o meter brand scale it's pretty nice. It's glass and so far has been accurate.

    Here's the link so you can take a look at it.

  10. Hey there :) I saw you got a new scale..What kind did you get? I'm looking into getting a new one.

  11. Had to buy a new scale this week...old one was driving me nuts!! cost me a pretty penny but its all good lol That's what happens when you get what you paid for.