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  1. Tonystark04


  2. Tonystark04

    1 yr out!

  3. Tonystark04

    1 Year Out!

    Wow how time fly's by..It's been 12 months since I made one of the greatest decisions of my life, filled with nothing but excitement and positive energy. Just wanted to thank God for giving me a second chance of fulfilling one of my wishes, my family and friends for supporting me every single day,(you guys know who you are) the best is yet to come. Not one single regret. : D
  4. Tonystark04

    Pre-Op Pics

  5. Tonystark04

    2011 01 13 17.05.14

    wow! eyes to die for! look amazing! congrats! : )
  6. Tonystark04

    Semi smile 2

    Thank you! : )
  7. Tonystark04

    4 Months Post Op.

    Hey TT peeps!... I'm officially 4 months post op this past Sunday (01/23/11). I am down 78lbs and it feels so good! I currently a 3x in shirts and a 44 in jeans!....havent seen those sizes in a over 15 yrs, coming from a 5x-6x and a 52-54 in waist it's a BIG DIFFERENCE! I've been able to tolerate most foods and it's scary because I dont dump on sugar or fatty foods...I do watch what I eat choosing healthy meals and the main thing is portion control. I still have a hard time with chicken sometimes it sits well...and other times it just blahhhhh lol... I do my best to get my liquids in because I can drink drink drink drink and drink like I use to and I tend to forget to always have a drink in my hand. I did have a little scare on New Years Day...I was napping and awoke to a sharp pain in my sides, when I went to urinate I was discharging blood and I kinda panicked and took myself to the hospital at 3am!.. Turned out I had a 3cm kidney stone and I needed to flush it out...but the pain was controlled by my friend Mr. Dilaudid and Mrs. Percocet lol... I'm going to bring that up to my surgeon when I go to see him next week for my follow up...could it be the calcium that may have caused the stone? who knows... I love hearing the compliments even though I be embarrassed and stay had a coworker call me on the work phone and say that "I look so F'in good!!" that made my week! LOL....and then you have the certain people who have taken noticed but are scared to say anything but I still see them scanning my body like they have xray vision! LOL... but all in all very good responses. More pics coming soon..stay tuned! BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE! NO REGRETS!
  8. Tonystark04

    What am I getting myself into?

    Good for you that you havent lost your confidence..I'm Puertorican and I've been with plenty of skinny, thick women who love big guys so I never had an issue in that department either. Hope you dont think I was coming at you because I wasnt. I was just trying to show you that's there's hope at the end of the WLS tunnel, because you raised the question "Who will I be now?" You will find out soon enough what's it's going to be like.. should be a fun ride. good luck.
  9. Tonystark04

    What am I getting myself into?

    It's ok to be scared hun! I was terrified getting wheeled into the OR tears coming down my face and Laurie was wiping the tears away from me. I knew the risk and everything especially with having open surgery...and to be honest all the doubt and negative thoughts were gone when I awoke and it got easier every day..... Just stay positive and everything is going to work out for you. Trust me so far my swag has never been as fly as it is now !...I'm almost at the size of buying my jeans in regular store...then the pimp game is gonna be on LOL j/k... I'm sure once you start to lose you gonna take your swag up to another level!
  10. Tonystark04

    2.5 weeks post op

    Wow you look the smile : )
  11. Tonystark04

    SlimFast pre-op?

    yeah I was put on Slim Fast for two weeks...bought two cases and still have a few can's in the fridge just sitting
  12. Tonystark04

    3 months Post Op- 288lbs.... 66lbs gone

    : D lmao!!!
  13. Tonystark04

    Anyone from/near Philadelphia?

    I'm from Philadelphia!... MERRY CLIFFMAS!
  14. Tonystark04

    11/2010 95lbs down

    Such a cutie! with the sneaky smile! lol