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  1. I haven't checked in for a while - everything is going well for the most part except I have gained back about 15 lbs that I'm not happy with. I'm almost 3 yrs out and initially dropped below my goal weight of 156 down to 142 after the 1st year and looked and felt awful. I gradually increased the daily calories and finally started gaining a bit of weight back. Unfortunately, I then overshot my goal weight and am back at 170 lbs. In the whole scheme of things and compared to what I had to lose in the beginning, I know it's not that much... My fear is that it's the start of a slow slide ba
  2. Had an upper endoscopy recently and the gastroenterologist diagnosed me with a moderate case of acid reflux and a severe case of bile reflux (worse when you don't have a gallbladder). His only advice was to change my diet to exclude caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, acidic or spicy foods, not to eat 3 hrs before bedtime, and elevating my bed. I've tried to follow this regimen and it has definitely helped but I still have some reflux. I'm on Protonix and Zantac daily but those only help with the acid reflux, not the bile reflux as that originates in the liver. Not fun but not life-threatenin
  3. I'm 2 1/2 yrs out and haven't had any major issues thankfully. My hubby is a little over 4 yrs out and both of us have maintained our weight loss so it is definitely possible! Best wishes to you on your journey... :-)
  4. No regrets at all! I'm sooo much healthier than I was 2 1/2 yrs ago! Happier too... :-)
  5. Sooo glad you are back - yes, we did worry about you but realized there must have been a reason for your silence. Wishing you all the best on your continuing journey to wellness.... :-)
  6. What a difference! You've done an amazing job and look fabulous - congratulations!
  7. I also took 2 weeks off from my desk job but my energy level was terrible for the entire first month. It really depends on each person and how their body reacts to the surgery and healing process.
  8. You do look amazing! We lost about the same amount of weight but your arms look fabulous compared to mine... congratulations on the fantastic job of maintaining!
  9. Definitely the toughest thing for me has been not drinking with meals - I used to be able to down a 20oz drink with a meal before surgery with no problem. It is still a challenge - even 2 yrs out I find myself automatically reaching for the water glass at restaurants and craving something to drink while I'm eating. I have to consciously move a drink out of my line of sight or reach, it's the only thing that works. The second hardest thing to deal with has been my constant, unyielding constipation issues. That has been the bane of my post-WLS existence - I've learned what combination o
  10. This is a sensitive topic for me as one of my daughters is becoming significantly overweight for her age and height. Both my husband and I were overweight from early childhood on and had really good intentions of instilling good nutritional habits into our daughters so they wouldn't end up the way we did. Needless to say, we didn't always succeed but my youngest daughter (who is 9) actually prefers fruits and veggies to junk food so I'm thankful about that. My oldest daughter (almost 13 yrs old) on the other hand loves anything with too much sugar and carbs, I'd say she's addicted. We t
  11. I lost well into my second year - actually had to intervene with dietary changes and increased calorie consumption to stop the weight loss after I overshot my goal weight by 15lbs. Just goes to show that everyone is different and their bodies will react differently.
  12. My husband and I have both had gastric bypass, his came first in 2010, and mine in 2012. Seeing how successful his surgery was prompted me to finally look into it for myself, and I'm so glad we did this. There were challenges, but doing it all together made it much easier for us. We both had to learn lifestyle changes, even before I had my surgery we were living a bariatric friendly lifestyle. Hubby lost about 200lbs and his diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and leg edema completely disappeared within the first 4 months and have not returned. He went from taking 7 pres
  13. I'm doing well, have maintained my goal weight so far. Pretty much everything in my life is better at this point as a result of my surgery with the exception of back and tailbone pain, which I probably would have had with the extra weight anyhow. I tend to be anemic despite taking all doctor approved iron supplements and B-12 injections. My mother had pernicious anemia most of her life, so I suspect it's a genetic thing with me too. On the plus side, my stamina and physical strength are so much better now and I can really enjoy the time with my husband and children in ways I was never
  14. Navy blue dress slacks (size 8) and a light aqua button down shirt (size M) - and of course, my black flats with the sexy orthopedic inserts.... lol
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