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  1. Jeneliree, thank you for replying. That is about what I was guessing it was going to be like. Being the man, I am having a hard time leaving it to my wife to carry stuff, but she says she is all over it. I have a three year old, so I am hioing she tires quickly, so her and I can sit on bench somehwere, so my wife only has the one to worry about. I am going for it and hope for hte best.
  2. Hello all, and thank you for having this forum. I have been lurking for a while now, and this forum has helped me alot with figuring out which way to go and getting an idea of what it will be like after the surgery. I am trying to get my gastric sleeve surgery scheduled for 06/29/12 and my doctors office sounded like that date would work, so hopefully I get it locked in early next week. I am glad I found this site, and I will do my best to add something to it. Thanks BigdogKC
  3. I am in the process of scheduling my sleeve surgery, and tentativly I will be having it on 6/29/12. Assuming it doesn't get pushed back any further, do you think it is possible for me to be able to take my kids on a vacation two weeks later, and be able to walk all over the St. Louis zoo? I know I will be able to walk around, but I am worried that since I will not be eating much by then, that I won't have the energy. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks BigdogKC