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  1. /wave Pretty new here to posting, but I've been lurking a while. Question: Does anyone here go to the in-person support groups? The hospital gave me a sheet with one or two near me, but I haven't been able to go yet because of work and work-related travel. Was just wondering if people found them helpful, and what kinds of topics are discussed, etc. Also, maybe a way to find dates with people who know your situation already?
  2. I think a lot of men tend to be buttheads, to be honest (and I'm capable of that sometimes myself). About 2 years ago, I dated a girl who had gastric bypass a few months before we met. I didn't have any problems or reactions to her body, even though it was still changing and healing. So, thankfully, we're not ALL like that ALL the time. I also think those of us that are overweight tend to be a little less judgemental towards physical appearances than the 'normal' people, but that's me. I say if you're coming across people who are like that, and you get rid of them, good riddance.