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  1. I am 8 years out from my gastric bypass. I have cold symptoms and it was recommended I take the mucinex fast-max cold & flu, day & night. However, the store only had the liquid gel capsules. Is it okay to take the liquid gel capsules?
  2. That is soooo wonderful. Congratulations!!!!!!
  3. Hello, I am 5.5 years out of surgery. Yesterday and today my tummy has been feeling nauseous. I was at a training-meeting for work yesterday. My food option was breakfast burrito with grapes. A hour later I had hot tea- a lemon flavored Bigelow tea. A couple of hours after that my tummy was funny, I had a headache, and was feeling lightheaded. I took some antacids and had a bm yesterday. Slept through the night. This morning my tummy is still funny. What do you recommend?? HELP!!!!
  4. Hello Jodi, I am 5.5 years post gastric bypass. I recently received a menopause diagnosis. I share your concerns. I have been researching possible herbal supplements and medical options. Can you offer any suggestions!
  5. I recently received a diagnosis of menopause. What over-the-counter meds do you recommend to cope with the symptoms?
  6. Hello, Next month I will be 4 years out from gastric bypass surgery. Meanwhile during the last month or so it seems like I have a tapeworm. I've been eating like crazy. Before this year I've been steady with my weight loss. But this year everything is going crazy. I'm super tired and hungry all the time. Is my pouch broken? I need help? Any and all suggestions are welcomed.
  7. Is it okay to drink the Crystal Light with Caffeine? I need a daily energy boost.
  8. Hello, I'm 3 years & 10 months out from gastric bypass surgery and 1 year out from a hysterectomy. The last 2 months or so I have been drained of my energy. I find myself dosing off at work. I'm up to 5000 mcg of B12. It does nothing for me. Last night I got at least 8 hours of sleep and by 10am this morning I was dosing off at my desk. What can I take to boost my energy and keep me awake doing the work-day? PLEASE HELP ME!!
  10. Hello, Are the V8-Energy Fusion Drinks okay for us? I am asking because I need something that can give me a little more energy while a complete the requirements for my Master's Degree this week. I am simply exhausted from school work and my regular job combined. After work I am staying up later than usual to get assignments completed and trying to get up in the morning, at my regular time, for work. Help!! I need something that can give me that boost to get through the week? Or do you have any other suggestions? HELP!!!!
  11. Hello, In January I got a referral to the bariatric clinic. My information session was March 14th. During the info session the importance of following all of the rules per your insurance carrier and the bariatric clinic was highly stressed. We were given detailed pre-surgery approval tasks to complete. My tasks included the following: not gaining anymore weight, completing a psychological assessment, and meeting with the bariatric nutritionist & dietician. There was no 6-month waiting period. Upon insurance approval I was instructed to have a barium swallow test, complete labs, anesthesia appointment 2 weeks prior to surgery, and do a 14-day liquid diet prior to the surgery date. (It is indeed true that one must really maintain a relationship with the surgery coordinator, nurses, and case managers prior to surgery. It is important because the insurance industry can change requirements and coverage criteria. I say that because I originally wanted the vertical sleeve and my surgeon had given his okay. However the surgery coordinator informed me that my insurance had decided not to cover the vertical sleeve. They were only covering the gastric bypass and lap-band. I met with the surgeon again and we decided on the gastric bypass.) Meanwhile the waiting period for me was from March 14th (info session day) to July 10th (day of surgery). The overall experience was a pleasant one.
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