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  1. Having run both support groups and nutrition seminars, I will tell you what I tell everyone... Take the scale and lock it in the trunk if your car! Immediately! It's much more important to track inches. Weigh weekly. Nothing more, and measure daily. You'll be happily surprised, and much less obsessive. It's truly the most emotionally healthy way to deal with weight loss post-op. Good luck!
  2. Oy vey! I tell everyone who will listen, about my surgery those many many moons ago. It's a Godsend. That's my decision, because I'm just too honest to even try and fabricate something or even omit the truth. A lie of ommission is still a lie. But that is ME and my life, and my choice. Everyone choses differently. Not wanting to be judged is a basic human characteristic. I also speak frequently about diet and exercise, but mostly it's because if I can find any way to help anyone become a healthier them, I will. It has very little to do with losing weight, and 100% about a healthier lifestyle. I also understand any person having difficulty standing by someone who is being dishonest. People can hum and ha about it being a personal decision, and it is. It is also your decision to stand by her. You can't know how she is dealing with her surgery, stand by her, and then complain about your choice. It isn't fair of you. Nor can you insist that she deal with her issue as you THINK she should. Assume in your mind that she is never going to change her choice, decide if that's okay with you and move on. She herself will change often, but her decision may never. I am not going to jump to a conclusion that you are jealous and that is why you are asking. I find that people often mistake anxiety, frustration, fear, confusion, and general animosity as jealousy. Consider this, her metamorphasis is not complete. She will change physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally several more times... as does every single person on the planet. You may not want to walk away and miss a very real opportunity for personal growth, as well as growing together as friends.
  3. Congrats on your date! Just an FYI, it's entirely possible that your taste buds will change after surgery. Be careful of what you stock up on, I can not tell you how much I threw away because it just didn't taste good. Sugar-free pudding is not a clear liquid so having it immediately post-op is not a great idea. I had regular old sugar-free popsicles and Jell-O. Perhaps you can check the website and find distributors in your area. The best thing I did post-op was to take the seasoning packet from lame old Top Ramen and have that instead of broth. I was so sick of broth, it tasted like a Thanksgiving dinner to me! Good luck with everything!
  4. I had Dr. C almost 5 years ago. Attend his seminar before you decide. But he's the best..... the end. :D
  5. Two nights before surgery I went to go have my "last supper". I was so excited to gorge myself on all my favorite foods. The minute they put that food in front of me... I COULDN'T EAT IT! I looked down over my ginormous stomach at this heaping mound of food, and completely lost my appetite for it. I ate one bite and brought the rest home to hubby. Food... had been my barometer for happiness for so long, even before surgery I realized I was done equating a meal with happiness, or a good time, or how much I "loved" a certain food. Now, I just plain love myself. I wish I had loved myself more then food all along.
  6. When I go out to eat, I'm usually a "sharer". You know those irritating people that ask if you wish to split a menu item! If not I'll opt for a salad, soup, the usual yummy good for you choices. If I'm feeling particularily gung-ho I'll order pasta and only eat about 1/3. The rest gets taken home. I can still enjoy an occassional glass of wine. But it effects me VERY fast, like within 10 minutes, so I'm exceedingly careful! And each person is different, you'll have to figure out what is best for you, and what works well with your own body. Good luck!
  7. My go to food, super high in protein and so healthy and yummy and fat free... cevechi! Cevechi is a latin food... it's usually made with shrimp, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, avacado, sometimes cucumber, garlic and a little jalepeno. You dice everything and then add a ton of lime juice some sea salt and a little pepper. It is delicious! I've made it at all my GB parties, and of course my regular ones. You can't beat it, and I have personally never heard of anyone having trouble digesting it. If it sounds good, send me a message and I'll type you out specific instructions. And face it, you're just going to have get up the courage and start trying some things... eat slowly and chew chew chew. I always tried new foods at home just in case! And it is trial and error, but you aren't going to know what you can or can't have until you test somethings! C'mon! Take a chance! It's only food! hehe
  8. Welcome! A reccomendation for you on the exercise... water aerobics. I used to hate to exercise, it was boring and I hated to sweat! Walking just seemed like a waste of time to me. But water aerobics was way different. It was like dancing... I was covered up with water so no one could see my big jiggly butt, everyone in there was either elderly or heavy so I didn't stick out. If I was sweating I didn't notice because I was submerged in cool water! It really helped my weight loss, it really helped with muscle toning and my loose skin. And when I finally was ready to try some other activity the transition was so much easier because I had already built up some muscle. You really should give it a go... or something that works for you. A sedentary lifestyle is not the best for any human being... come on girl! Look at that beautiful smile you have... exercise makes smiling easier too!
  9. The only food that I had a severe dumping action with was... bananas! I still won't go near them, even though I probably now could have some. I've had mild dumping but it's always been with a food that I could handle at other times. So I stick with my for sures... all fruits... except babanas lol... all veggies... chicken and shrimp. I can eat cheese, but milk makes me dump. So you see... it's a quandry... a mystery and there just is no 100% from one person to the next!
  10. Well now don't you worry sweetpea... I have THREE tents, and the RV! All you have to do is relax on the sandy beach of a quiet lake... maybe go for a jaunt around the lake. Great thing about my guys... they do all the work! All I have to do is cook and look cute! I adore TN too... so beautiful. My in-laws may make it a trying experience, but we need to go see them. They are getting up there in years and refuse to travel. My sons have nearly forgotten them. I'm going to spend two whole days cooking for them. Bringing my Food Saver so I can freeze portion size meals for them that they can just reheat. I must be a good daughter-in-law. I'm the only one they have! Give Mich a hug from us! xoxo
  11. I LOVE Hemet... most days! I like the small town atmosphere. It's a bit different then when we first moved here from San Diego, but it still seems like home to me! If it comes to crunch time you could always try a couple water pill and flush it out:eek: lol I don't even know you and I have faith in you! You can do it little choo-choo... repeat after me, "I think I can... I think I can...":D
  12. Well gee whiz! Thank you! :)

  13. I don't use either... I switched to a liquid multi-vitamin with no fillers about 4 weeks post-op and haven't looked back
  14. Every person considering surgery as a unique story, and yet there is an underlying similiarity under them all. We get so used to doing or other people, we become caregives, because frankly it's so much easier to help other people then to help ourselves. No one can make this decision for you. I can only say that the fear of not being there to watch my sons graduate or get married was far more powerul then my fear over surery. And yes I was scared. Having faith in your surgeon does much to quell that fear, that and emmersing yourself in knowledge. Good luck to you as you sort this out and I am very sorry for your loss. Lasty, my only surgery regret... not having done it sooner!
  15. Donna! As soon as we get back from our vacation to TN, you should come camping with us! We'll take the boat out and have some fun! xoxo!
  16. Splenda is 3 parts chlorine and two parts sodium; chemically it has more in common with pesticide then it does with sugar. I use Stevia, it's an all natural herb sweetner. Zero calories, zero sugar. You used to only be able to get it at a healthfood store but now it's become such a popular choice you can find it in most supermarkets, look for something called Truvia. Again this is just an opinion!
  17. No diet doesn't have calories... but holy smokes the chemicals... blah!
  18. I went from a 10 wide to an 8! lol Plus the whole head thing was quite the phenomonon. 1/2 inch! Maybe it was just hair loss... haha!
  19. I tried the Taco Bell Pinto beans with red sauce my first time out... it was like an orgasm for my mouth! I didn't try chili until 4 months.
  20. Personally I gave up all soda, and onc just about 6 months ago I tried ome and it tasted SO disgusting! I think after so long with just drinkng water and ice tea sweeteed with stevia, I could taste all the chemicals and crap. I do not miss it a single bit! Try and stay off it if you can. What a silly way to consume calories!
  21. Dumping itself should not make you vomit. Usually you just feel horrible and need to nap it out. Eating that one bite too many is what makes me throw-up. I have never actually thrown up since pre-op. Even when I had the tummy flu it came out the other end, not my mouth. I know several people that don't vomit, ever. It varies, but I'm sure it's not something to worry about!
  22. Your tummy is so small and it is still so early to even worry about such things! The liquid and soft food stages are helping your new tummy learn, but you still are inaking the same amount of calories as you most likely will when you transition to solids. I certainly wouldn't worry just yet lol
  23. At a year out I insisted on getting my protein from food... shrimp is my food of choice... cevechi is perfect!