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  1. Goodwill store? Thrift store? For the cost of shipping(clothes are heavy) you can probably get some things at a goodwill. I have a thrift store near me that has various color price tags and every Thursday they pick one color and all clothing with that color tag is only $1. I got a few nice things even a pair of pants with the original tags for only $1! Google for thrift stores or Goodwill in your area.
  2. I was cleared to swallow pills whole at one your surgeon's office and ask, every doctor has thier own opinion.
  3. The surgeon's office should have an insurance coordinator who can verify your coverage and's what they do and they understand insurance policy language. Good Luck!
  4. Try eating one cup of food without surgery and see how hungry you will be. The sleeve enables you to eat one cup of food and be full. If following a healthy diet and exercise were the answer none of would need the surgery. A lifetime of yo-yo dieting and made it nearly impossible for most of us to lose weight and keep it off. I watch "My 600lb Life" on TCL and the doctor says the success rate of losing weight and keeping it off without surgery is 5%. If you can do it, more power to you. I know I could not. I am 2 1/2 years post op and have not thrown up once and have maintained a 75lb weight loss. There is no food I can not eat. Can't and won't are two different things. All the things you listed that you can't have, I eat in VERY small amounts. Surgery is on the stomach, not the brain...So maybe you need some more time to think about it. If you are not totally ready mentally, then you might want to wait. I wish you the best of luck in whichever you decide.
  5. Quest bars will get soft, maybe a little sticky but won't melt like many of the chocolate coated ones. How about individual bags of almonds or homemade trail mix? Maybe not the best source of protein but not terrible. Protein powder to mix in the bottled water.
  6. I think it helps to see yourself in pictures. Many people have said that prior to surgery they couldn't believe how big they were until they saw themselves in a picture and were shocked at thier size. Soooooo, wouldn't the same be true about seeing how small you are in a picture? Side by side before and after photos are very helpful too
  7. Sorry to hear this. I can't even imagine your frustration and disappointment. Unfortunately, it is the employer, not the insurance company that is denying you. The employer picks the plan and the exclusions. If it is an exclusion I don't think any amount of appeals will get it approved. Maybe your company would consider adding it when the renewal comes around if you talk to HR. Many, many people go to Mexico and US prices for surgery vary depending on where you live.
  8. Decaf iced coffee with some Splenda and cream would be a nice treat, if you can have coffee. I agree with the sugar free ice pops.
  9. I had Prevacid that dissolved under my tongue for the first 30 days post op....ask for that
  10. Me! I have never thrown up, not once. I was 2 years post op in July.
  11. None of my doctors will do anything without a visit if I haven't been there in more than 3 months, pretty standard around here. Maybe you can talk to the billing department and make arrangements to pay a small amont per month until the balance is paid off.
  12. I did 13 days of protein drinks and one day of clear liquids the day before surgery. The first 3 or 4 days were really hard but the hunger decreased by day 5.
  13. That's all I drank on my pre op diet and I still drink one every day. They will be fine for your pre op.
  14. Can you have sugar free ice pops and sugar free italian ice? Helped me with my fluids and felt like I was eating something.