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  1. mommytyree

    feeling like a failure

    I did read my old blogs. They made me cry. But have reminded me what I need to do. I put the one year blog on my fridge. Lol! I was not prepared for how emotional this journey would be! Thank you all for your support!
  2. mommytyree

    How did I let this happen?

    Lost 4 lbs this week despite my bad day! I never drink with meals. That's one thing I've stuck to. And no carbonated beverages. Haven't had a soda in over 3 yrs. It's the chips that get me! My hubby works at Old Dutch! Quit bringing that crap home!! Lol! Thank you all for responding. I don't feel like such a failure. Just trying to refocus.
  3. mommytyree

    How did I let this happen?

    It is empty calories and I seen it when I logged in my fitness pal. A whole days calories for a whole bottle. Did good tonight. We had a pot luck for someone leaving my nursing unit. Tons of chocolate!! I ate a turkey/cheese on a dinner roll and chucked half to roll, the fruit salad I brought, and a bite of a brownie. Ate the brownie bite 2 hrs later at end of night. Damn being sleepy kills my willpower!
  4. mommytyree

    How did I let this happen?

    I had the wine in the morning after working night shift and the pizza for dinner in the evening. @GAviv I don't want to eat when I drink alcohol either. @Bass359 I didn't drink for the first year and now I do. I agree I should cut it while trying to lose again.
  5. mommytyree

    How did I let this happen?

    Why is it so hard ? Killed a bottle of wine and ate pizza for dinner.
  6. mommytyree

    feeling like a failure

    I am a night shift RN and my schedule is changing all the time. Night to day and back. I know I don't drink enough water. I drink 2 16 ounce black tea's with 2 sweetener a night and 1 16oz water while at work. My breakfast is around 3 PM if I eat dinner at 6 PM with the family and whatever I bring to work at 2 to 4 AM
  7. mommytyree

    feeling like a failure

    Thank you!!!^^^^ I know what I have to do. It's the doing it part! I did good yesterday and tonight at work. But here I sit with a glass of wine. Decided to switch from beer. An angry orchard has 210cal 30 carb 24augar!!! No wonder I gained 20 in 6 months! Moscato has 114 cal 7carb 0sugar. I'd rather have wine than snacks! Lol!
  8. mommytyree

    Postop complications

    I haven't been on here until the last couple of days. I know you're post was a while ago. I hope you're doing okay! I had no complications post op. I am back here because of weight gain, sadly.
  9. mommytyree

    artificial sweetners?

    opinions please. I use Equal and Splenda. Ive heard others say they cause carb cravings?? Iuse 2-4 packets a day.
  10. mommytyree

    How did I let this happen?

    Stats for the day: 963 calories 90 protein 57 carbs Baby steps Looked back at my fitness pal weights. I was 164 lbs Feb 2014. 204lbs today. 40 lbs in 15 months. I plan to take it off in 6 months for the winter holidays.
  11. mommytyree

    Before and after bypass may 2014-present

    You look amazing!
  12. Regain. 46 lbs. I can't stop crying. I'm trying to get back on track. Got on here. Got my fitness pal back. Have a plan to do 5dpt. Tried to talk to hubs about it and got a lecture about all the rules I'm not following. Like I didn't already know. Not what I needed today. I did this surgery so that my life wouldn't revolve around food. But it still does. I'm still trying to figure out how to eat to live and not live to eat. I hope I can get this under control and figure it out!
  13. mommytyree

    feeling like a failure

    Read about 5day test and plan to start this weekend! Thank you!!
  14. Thank you so much! All great ideas I need to follow! Why is it so hard sometimes to do what you already know how to do?
  15. Wow! Congratulations! You are my new found inspiration! How do you stay on track?? I'm really struggling right now.