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  1. kylem

    Prostate Cancer

    Just a quick update on this, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and had DaVinci Robotic Prostatectomy last week, the surgeon that did my Gastric Bypass came in before the Urologist and looked for any adhesions or scar tissue, he only found one small place of scar tissue clipped it and turned me over to the Urologist. If anyone has to deal with this make sure the surgeon that did your bypass or a surgeon that does by pass is included.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with PC after Gastric Bypass surgery and elected to have the DaVinci Prostatectomy if so where there any complications? Thanks
  3. kylem


    I am just over three years post op from full bypass. I have gained some weight back, around 20lbs from my lowest weight. I know the reason is I can eat anything with no problems. I travel a lot for work and have to eat out so its hard to be good all the time. Anyway I have decided I need to reset. I am wondering if I should do the 5 day pouch test or the pre-op liquid diet. I never have any feelings of true hunger but a lot of head hunger. This is my second day of all liquids, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am 14 months post op I am down 177 lbs. yesterday I visited six flags and rode every ride with no problem at all. What a great feeling!
  5. I didnt loose anything in the 6 months prior to surgery, I did loose 26 lbs on the 10 day liquid diet prior to surgery on 5-17-12 and to to date I have lost 172 lbs.
  6. My physician said it is from lack of protein, up your protein and it should help.
  7. My doctor had me take mineral oil, helps alot just be careful becuase it will leak if you take alot of it but it works.
  8. Just wanted to share my latest NSV, I started this process the first of May wearing a size 50 pants in the waist, just purchased a new pair of jeans that are a size 34 in the waist!
  9. Way to go Manda! Looking GREAT!! Keep up the good work!
  10. Cinwa, I will 225 is the weight that my surgeon and I agreed on. I am sure I will continue to loose and will be happy to do so. I figure that when my body reaches the point it wants to stop it will. I will work to maintain that weight via exercise and these well established eating habits.
  11. Attached are two pictures one was taken last year at Christmas(sorry for the bluriness) and one was taken today, I am just over 7 months post op and down a total of 164 lbs only 6 more to goal weight.
  12. I used a CPAP machine prior to surgery, they had me bring it to the hospital but did not use it until the day after surgery when they removed the NG tube. I came off the machine about 3 months post-op.
  13. I had the dry mouth before I stopped using my CPAP machine to help I bought a bottle of Biotin and mixed it 50/50 with water in a spray bottle when I would wake up with my tounge stuck to the roof of my mouth, I would spray a couple of times. I would suggest if you are having the same issues try to sleep without your machine.
  14. I took mine with me per hospital instructions, of course I couldnt use until the NG tube was removed the following morning. Good news I am six months post op and been off my machine for about 3 months.
  15. I am 6 months post-op today and I have lost a total of 155 lbs, down from a size 4xl shirt to xl and 50 pants to 36-38. Surgey has been a true life changer for me!!!