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  1. Congrats on the success you have had in your weight loss journey. You provide hope and inspiration to others.

  2. My GYN gave me the recommendation to my PS. I was having a hysterectomy and he knew I wanted my tummy fixed, so he said "let's do it at the same time." Then he gave me the PS' information. I met with him and I loved him from the start. I had a lower body lift last year and a breast lift last month. Love the results of both!!!
  3. Wendy's chili is my go-to if I have to grab something while I am out. Well, that is if there isn't a Jimmy Johns around. If there is a Jimmy Johns, then it is an unwich for me.
  4. Breakfast: Premier Protein Bar Lunch: Jimmy John's unwich
  5. January 8th I'm getting a lift with implants. I want to remain perky for a while. I went from a 44DDD to a 32/34 D - DD (I'm honestly not sure of true cup size)... I will have the lift and end up with a full D when I'm done. If I have a lift and no implants I would be too small for my comfort level. I've always had big ones and I really prefer the figure I have with them. So, silicone implants for perkiness purposes only. Size should be a little smaller than where I am now.
  6. I don't see any pics, maybe my work computer has them blocked. Regardless... congrats. And having skin removal, was rough, but so worth it!!!!
  7. A couple of things stick out to me... Hubby says I was always beautiful, but now he has the hot wife! My very wonderful, perfect 6 year old granddaughter, with her innocence shining through was watching me put on my makeup. She said, "Nena it must be hard for you to be so beautiful," then she followed up with "it's okay to be ugly some days". All of this because she wanted me to put my make up away and play with her.
  8. I didn't know there was a Ladies of Harley, I'll check it out! Thank you. Nice Trike. My hubby says we're getting one so I can ride him around while he sits back and plays candy crush, gets on Facebook and texts people like I do while he is riding me. LOL We both know he'll never ride behind me.
  9. I'm sure you're the perfect wife/mother/grandmother... You are very sweet and being an inspiration is so flattering. You'll be surprised at how much of an inspiration you become to others. Thank you so very much.
  10. We have a 2010 Ultra Classic Limited.... I love riding! I never would have dreamed I would be a Harley girl, cause when not on a Harley, I'm a girly girl. And yes I feel TONS better! Nothing added to the tree. We live close enough to ride out there on weekends, so we try to make our way out to the mountains quite frequently. You can't beat the scenery. One of my favorite places to be.
  11. No. Doesn't help at all. Experience speaking.
  12. I use salt. I'm not a salt-aholic, but I use it. I love to use lots of other spices. Anything hot makes me happy.