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  1. Well, I think that's a stretch but thanks for the best compliment I think I've ever had!
  2. Holding steady! Fitter than ever! Dedicated still to my new healthy life!
  3. I was nervous too but I'm soooooooooo happy I got a tummy tuck and boob lift! You're gonna love it!!!!
  4. You look great. Get a tummy tuck/lift I did- best money I ever spent!!!!
  5. Thanks everyone!!!! It's taken the whole 2 years to feel like this really is me!
  6. And to clarify I had a lift with small implanys and everyone says I look natural and I think I do too! I posted a pic in another thread
  7. If you don't get implants the lift will help sagging but your boobs will look like a flat shelf on the top
  8. I totally waivered but surgeon consult after surgeon consult saying people are happier with implants after a lift, and I'm soooooo glad I got them. I got small implants as I wore a d before and didnt want to be bigger! My doctor replaced the removed skin with an implant and did a natural look placement at my request and now I wear exactly the same bra size I did before surgery but they now don't droop, they stay put, and they look full and fantastic!!!!
  9. Exhausting surgery and recovery and majorly expensive but I'd do it all 10 times over again!
  10. First vacation in my life where I wore a bikini! RNY and mommy makeover surgeries = two of the best decisions of my life! And I ate fish and veggies and worked out on vacation. No more excuses, including "oh well I'm on vacation". I will keep working to maintain my new body and I'm never going back!
  11. Keep us updated! Glad you are better. I'm sorry but I had to gasp and laugh and pancakes and syrup and a cookie! Even if you didn't have bariatric surgery nobody should eat that right after two surgeries! Hugs!
  12. I'm still having a lot of swelling but I'm getting flatter each day! Feeling pretty good and back at work now. Get tired easily but no more pain. I used to have to suck in to look like the "after" pictures but now that's just how I look without sucking in!
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