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  1. Hello, my doctors put me on cymbalta for nerve pain and anxiety. Medication worked great, but makes me gain weight like I'm on steroids. Looking for casual and business casual Autumn clothing now that I've switched to a different medication I'm hoping to buckle down and loose some of this. I am 4 years post-op roux-n-y. N
  2. I had a feeling it was going to be your gallbladder. You shouldn't have much of a problem seeing a different GI doc now that his lack of treatment left you having emergency gallbladder surgery and unnecessary pain and suffering if he had only scheduled an ultrasound or CAT scan to see if your gallbladder was acting up, as it is very common in bariatric weight loss.
  3. Thanks guys. It was definitely a very stressful two weeks in moving and then cleaning the old house to get our deposit back. I didn't have any episodes for the rest of the day after my initial posting and yesterday was the same as Saturday. Maybe it was from doing nothing except resting. I am going to go to the pharmacy today since I am having reflux type issues again, I will pick up some acid reducer and that should continue to help as well. Thanks for caring enough to write me, it was a adding to my stress levels for sure.
  4. It's not what I would call sandy colored. It looks like yellow gastric acid or green from my iron supplements. I don't have any back pain, nausea or pain anywhere.
  5. Hello, I am post op 2 years and recently we moved residences. During the deep cleaning stage I started having diarrhea episodes several times a day. My first thought was that it was just from all the exercise from cleaning. Then I thought maybe the heat, then maybe a GI virus. But now that it has been a week, with episodes after eating and several times in the morning, I am getting concerned. Maybe my gut flora is out of whack. I do not drink with my meals, so I don't think it's a dumping syndrome, I am not dehydrated, I do have a firm stool first thing in the morning followed by several trips to the rest room. It's mostly gastric acid. Any ideas?? Anybody else have this happen to them?? I am thinking about taking some Imodium to see if that helps.
  6. How do you put protein in your coffee?? I would do that in a heart beat! I could rationalize that the second cup is good for me.
  7. Well the thyroid is good, iron levels are very good, so it must be the protein. I hate the shakes!! I take two iron supplements in the morning, folic acid, B Complex, noontime brings calcium, vitamin D and multi vitamin tummies, dinner time brings calcium, Vitamin D and multi vitamins again. Sundays I take a sublingual B12. I guess I should buy more protein bars. My hair changes are so bizarre. I always had very fine straight hair, but lots of it. Now the back hair has a crazy frizzy wave going thru most of it, the ends are completely straight but dried out looking. The crown of my head seems to have lost tons of hair. My hair dresser just shakes her head every time she has to do my hair. My profile picture was taken a few months ago, but if I took that same shot now, the hair at my temples would be much thinner. Thank you for the advice!
  8. Hello, I will be 2 years post op March 2014. I've lost about 80lbs and am about 135lbs. I lost a lot of hair a year ago, and then it started growing back. Not like it was before surgery, but it was growing back. The texture was frizzy and thin and it would stick out and not lay down. I looked like Albert Einstein. I noticed that I am again losing my hair and am noticeably bald at my temples. I am at a loss as to what to do. I take my vitamins, I eat my protein first but I still do not eat a lot. I eat frequently just not a lot. Any suggestions???
  9. I am 18 months out and I had lost a lot of hair. My new growth is about 3-4 long, is thinner and tends to be very frizzy. I absolutely hair the texture of my old hair and now with this frizzy stuff, it's driving me nuts. I have delicately thin strands to begin with. Not balding but thin fine hair. I have no idea what to do for it. I take all my required supplements and then some. I am at loss as to what to do with it.
  10. I am almost one year out and reading your post reminds me of how much I came to loathe protien shakes! I sweated all the time and had a fast heartbeat everytime I ate for a while after surgery. I would always go lay down after drinking or eating anything for quite a while. It will get better when you move to soft food. I think I even teared up when I ate cream of wheat for the first time! I never crushed any of my pills, I kept taking them whole!! I truly think the sweating is from your weight loss. Everytime your body eats something and starting moving stuff thru, it causes calories to start burning. Plus all that stuff is just going straight into your intestine... so there is recovery time for that to heal. You should also prepare yourself for really bad smelling gas. The enzymes in your intestine have to readjust and you will smell, but it went away as soon as I started onto the normal diet. I never had a bad body order before and up until I was about 8 months post op I couldn't believe how ripe I could be from just sleeping. The good news is... you're losing weight! It will get better and it will be totally worth everything you are hating at the moment. But, yes to this day I will do anything to not have to drink another shake!!
  11. Hi, it has been almost a year since I had my surgery and lately I feel extremely hungry all the time. It's starting to drive me up the wall. I haven't lost any weight in about 2 months, but I haven't gained any either. I started at 211 and have weighed about 140 sometimes 137 sometimes 141. Usually depends on my period. Speaking of my period... That has become pretty normal, but I am starting to get acne around my chin and neck. I wish my hormones would straighten out! You think this is just normal post op stuff? <a href=""> <img border="0" src=""></a>
  12. Awesome to know, I can feel something there and one of my first thoughts was scar tissue. Thanks for responding, I feel relieved that others went thru the same thing.
  13. I am having vague pains near the areas of my incisions. Especially the top right incision. I doesn't seem like my pouch area (thought that was near the belly button) it is completely weird. People will ask me why I am rubbing the area near my rib cage and i am not even aware that I am doing it.
  14. The information really made me feel better. I noticed I was able to eat more (still small portions) but was worried that I had somehow over stretched my pouch. Plus I hit a was not losing weight as fast as i had been able too. I've only lost 7 pounds in the last 40 days. I am 4.5 months out from gastric bypass.