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  1. Lisa Marie


    Yeah, sounds like dumping.. or having something stuck! I remember the 1st time it happened.. heart started beating fast.. thought I was going to die... Still to this day, I take a bite and count to 45, then swallow. After 10-15 bites (depending on what it is)... I wait for 10 minutes.. and then I'm usually full. (Don't get me wrong.. I REALLY try hard to keep to that method.. but sometimes I swallow too soon)... Just try and pace yourself... it literally is a BRAND NEW learning process ALL over again! Good luck darlin!
  2. Kirabelle.... I was married once upon a time ago (before WLS) and he wasn't my happy ending.. Had nothing to do with my weight...but he NEVER said anything negative to me and he was 6'1 and 150 (soaking wet)!. Then I got into a 6 year relationship which was TOXIC! Because of how much I disliked him, he treated me how he wanted to ... which was Dr. Evil like (he actually was a great person - as far as how he acted when we were together, just had a whole other life... like girlfriend & kid(s) that I didn't find out about)! Four years into our relationship, I had WLS. He was supportive.. but after a while... I finally thought "I'm better than how he treats me"... Since I was already comfy with him at almost 300 pounds, when I lost the weight, it didn't feel any different to me (as far as getting naked). Yes, I had skin.. Yes, my boobs aren't round and perky anymore... but I was comfy with him. After we split up.. I met someone new. He was a friend for a long time.. knew I had surgery.. and 1 day it just happened. I felt shy and thought he would be grossed out by what I looked like. He wasn't at all. I've since then relocated to a different state. NOW, I have NO DESIRE to date! I don't know what it is!... LOL I just want to work on school (in graduate school) and me.. and FINALLY get to my goal weight (only 20 more pounds.. but had WLS almost 3 years ago). I look at men and think EWWW... hahahaha! I personally do not have any issue telling someone that I've had WLS. But I agree, it might be kind of cool meeting someone... who had surgery as well... that's a common bond right off the bat!... Maybe you should design something... and then let us all know! Good luck! Lisa
  3. Awesome job so far!... I didn't realize I could sleep so much after surgery.. especially since I was a busy person and ALWAYS on the go.. then as soon as the sleeping got better, I had insomnia really bad. I wonder if there's a link? LOL Congrats!
  4. Keep up the good work!... My energy didn't come back for a while.. then when it did, I was hit with insomnia!. Hope all is well and keep your head up!
  5. Hey Stephen... First off.. It's NOT bad news! They want you to lose more weight so the surgery will go smoothly. I felt discouraged when they told me the same thing! It is for your health. And it took about a year and 8 months BEFORE I GOT MY SURGERY DATE!... I was discouraged all of the time! Secondly... If you girlfriend is not going to be there for you when you need her.. then she wasn't going to be there when you got out.. during recovery.. and when you started getting positive attention from everyone around you. Think "I think I can.. AND I will".... And it's okay to be negative.. especially on this site.. YOU HAVE NO IDEA the tremendous amount of support you have here! When folks on here say "I understand".. it's because we do! Take it day by day.. and eventually you'll hear "which day would you like?" Then end result is amazing! Keep your head up and reach for the stars!
  6. My insurance company kicked it back a few times.. all in all, it took over a year to get approved. However, once EVERYTHING they needed off of the newly revised check list was done and submitted the final time.. it was about 2-3 weeks.. The RN called and said we have July 27 or July 28 available.. which day do you want? It was music to my ears! Congrats and good luck with everything!
  7. Congrats and welcome to TT! Definitely read and don't be afraid or shy to ASK ANYTHING! The support here is TREMENDOUS and when we say "I understand".. it's because we do! ") I had WLS almost 3 years ago. I drink alcohol about twice a month.Usually there's an outing or what not. I have not had any issues after WLS.. then again, everyone is different! If you have any questions or anything at anytime.. please feel free to hit me up! Again.. Welcome and congrats!
  8. Welcome to TT and congrats! And take it back girl!
  9. Congrats! And I would walk down the street afterwards and it felt like I ran a marathon! I went back to work after 6 weeks. I was able to get disability and only lost $15 a week (which I figured I would have spent for gas)... Again congrats!
  10. I went from a 56 E to a 38 DD. However, they don't have the roundness that they used to....
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    Here's some photos of me pre-surgery.. on my journey through and now...