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  1. Bring on the unicorns and flying pigs!!!!
  2. Thank you for the recommendations BugDoc! I cut quite a bit of the length off today and if this keeps up, I have no problem going really short. I'm glad to hear from someone who's gotten through to the other side of this!
  3. No reason at all, other than it happens to some people and not others. He did say that it usually starts to grow back at about 6 months post-op. I've always had such thick hair and its been hard to deal with running my fingers through my hair and having clumps of it come out. It started about 2 weeks ago and is noticeable already. I just hope it slows down or even better, it could just stop falling out all together!! My labs have been perfect, I've been religious about my vitamins and hitting my protein goals. I'm getting 65 to 75 grams of protein every day. My hair stylist thought I had cancer, between the weight loss and hair loss!
  4. Of course I knew it was a big possibility, but it's still a shock. My hair is falling out in little clumps, I clear the shower drain every time I take a shower and I completely clog it again. I went to the pool the other day and absolutely fried my poor, balding scalp. I still wouldn't change the weight loss and feeling better for anything! I guess I just need to get creative with hats! Anyone resort to a hairpiece or a wig? Are they uncomfortable to wear?
  5. I woke up with 2 IV's, the pain buster (A ball of anesthetic that runs through a tiny tube right into the surgical site), oxygen via nasal canula and the sequential compression socks. I was in a good amount of pain in the recovery room, but it was all from gas. Once I got to my room and woke up enough I got to walking, which made all the difference in the world. I was off of the narcotics by day 3, when I went home. I was ok with just Tylenol. I didn't really ever have an incisional pain, just some discomfort in my lower right side. The absolute worst part of all of it was not having anything, not even getting to brush my teeth, for a full 24 hours. I was begging my husband to just wet a paper towel to wipe my mouth with, but of course he wouldn't do it.
  6. You'll do fine! I was terrified the night before my surgery, I don't think I actually slept. It's a huge commitment and I think it would be strange to not be a little apprehensive and scared. Once you ge tto the hospital, it'll go really fast and next thing you know you'll be waking up in recovery. Just remember to get up and walk as soon as you're able, it'll make a huge difference and get rid of the gas pain. You'll do great!!!
  7. I had my surgery the same day!! I'm having trouble eating as well. My surgeon toldme to start taking 2 protein shots a day and getting in at least 1 small meal a day. I've done it for a week and I feel much better. I know I have to work up to eating more food, but I'm never hungry and feel so full after a bite or two. I hope eggs work for you!
  8. They were recommeded by my surgeon, so I'll stick with them for now. I'm just having a hard time eating more than 2 bites of anything and protein shakes do not sit well.
  9. I'm here! I just went on vacation for 3 weeks! I can't believe how great I feel. 47 pounds down so far! The only thing I'm having issues with is getting all of my protein in, so I started taking a Proasis protein shot everyday, which has really helped.
  10. Congratulations! It'll be here before you know it!
  11. I was set on bypass as well. 5 days before my surgery I really started researching the sleeve (I pulled countless medical journal articles on the procedure) and decided to switch to the sleeve. For me it was the best decision and I felt I so much better about the entire process. Yes, the bypass has the allure of losing the weight quickly and more of it, but very similar results are being reported with VSG. I'm 4 days post op and doing phenomenal. Most of the other patients that had surgery at the same time I did had bypass, they weren't nearly as mobile as I was and looked miserable. I know that very well could be due to issues aside from which procedure they had done.
  12. The first 24 hours were a little rough, not pain wise, but the nothing to drink, not even ice chips or a little green spongy thing. The nurses and techs kept telling me, "Oh. you had Dr. Cavazos, he's the strictest, you won't be able to have anything for at least 24 hours." I was desperate to just brush my teeth! I forced myself to get up and walk as much as I could, every time I had to go to the bathroom, I did a few laps, whenever they checked my vitals, I did a few laps... Other than both of my IV's infiltrating I never had much pain. It turns out I had a massive hiatal hernia that got repaired while he did my sleeve. I even managed to go to the gym today, granted I only did 12 minutes on the recumbent bike, but I felt pretty good. My advise to everyone waiting for their surgery is to exercise as much as you can handle before surgery, it made a huge difference for me. I'm so glad I switched to the sleeve and would definitely encourage anyone considering this surgery or bypass, to thoroughly research both. 18 pounds down since starting my pre-op diet!
  13. You can do it! It really will start to go by so quickly. You're doing great!
  14. They just called from the surgeon's office and they got everything approved to switch to the sleeve! I'm so excited! Thanks again for all of the support and insight everyone has given me this past few days.
  15. No one ever called me back from the surgeon's office, like they said they would and by the time I realized it, it was already after 5 yesterday. I'm still plowing ahead with my pre-op diet and still planning on having my surgery Tuesday. So fingers crossed! Thank you for all of the responses! I'll keep you updated.