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  1. Fish oil supplement

    I had gastric bypass 7 yrs ago... is it ok to take liquid fish oil supplement??
  2. Gallbladder surgery

    Hi...just a curious question....I am almost six months out and have lost 65lbs. I just had gallbladder surgery 2 days ago...does having your gallbladder removed have any affect on weight loss ?
  3. I am over 4 months out...I have a real hard time taking calcium chewables....too my doctor told me I could take Viactiv chewables....which I have no problem with. They are 500 each, but the directions say up to two per day. I know I should be taking 1500 per should I take three per day or the recommended 2 per day ?
  4. the rouge has come back!

    Awesome news ! Keep up the good work !!
  5. Good ideas for puréed phase?

    My first time eating puréed...I bought a nice meaty chicken and boiled and boned it.. In the broth I cooked assorted vegetables, then put it ll together and puréed it and put it in individual containers and froze them. Not only was it home made and was convenient to take to work. I would also purée corned beef hash thinned out with chicken broth...believe it or not that was tasty too! No time for cooking? Then canned soup with a high protein will work well.
  6. Hair Loss

    I'm 3 months out and have been steadily losing my hair for the last few weeks. I used to have really thick hair, but it started to thin out due to thyroid it's really thinning out fast ! My bathroom floor,sink and clothes are always covered with hair. The part in my hair is becoming wider...and I am so freaking out. I just have to pray it doesn't get much worse...or I'll be shopping for a wig soon !!
  7. Yonanas......

    Just wanted to share this with everyone...I have missed having ice cream I saw a demonstration on qvc of the Yonanas frozen treat maker made by Dole. You freeze peeled ripe bananas..strawberries..any fruits or you can use already frozen fruits. You put them into this machine and it comes out the other end like a soft serve.. It reminds me of a creamy sorbet. I was very was delicious and very satisfying, as well as healthy. No sugars or additives...straight fresh fruit ! I bought mine at bed and bath and with my 20% coupon I paid $40 for it. If you go on line and type in Yonanas, you can see a short video on it. to have my bowl of "ice cream "...
  8. I'm just the dinner meal is the hardest...the rest of the day is ok....temperamental pouches !!
  9. Edamame

    I cooked up some frozen edamame and found that I loved them....and knowing they are like 18 gr of protein per 1/2 c made it even better. I then ordered roasted Edamame on line to have for a snack. I am very careful not to over-do them and just want to make sure these are ok to eat....
  10. I had my surgery the same exact day as you...and I find I have a problem eating a lot of foods. For some reason I have more problems ad the end of the day. For now I stay safe with soups, cottage cheese, yogurts, oatmeal and things like that. The other night I had imitation crabmeat and I spent an hour vomiting off and on, yet 2 days before that I had no problem eating pouch is just temperamental at times...but I will say the vomiting and the "stuck" feeling is becoming less frequent. Hang in there...keep your foods moist, take small bites, and take plenty of time will get better !
  11. Hard time eating solids

    Thanks everyone...maybe I'll try that... It could very well be I'm expecting too much too soon !
  12. Hello...had my surgery on April 30th and was on shakes for 6 weeks and purees for 2 weeks. Almost 2 weeks ago I started solids. My excitement about this has diminished day by day. Foods like yogurt, oatmeal and soups are fine, and fluids are great...but if I try a mushy meatball or a little chicken pie, I get a huge knot in my throat and below the breastbone it feels like I swallowed a tennis ball. The foamy fluids come up, long with a lot of burping. Sometimes I end up vomiting a little. I just don't understand why I can't eat normally....I chew well and take my time eating. Should I just stick with super soft foods and try solids at a later time ?
  13. Hi everyone....I'm almost 8 weeks out and this weekend I am beginning solid foods. Some things settle well and some things feel like I swallowed a tennis ball and it's stuck....oh how I hate that feeling ! I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's ok to have Arnold's round multigrain flatbread to make a sandwich. Not sure if it's too soon to try...I know you really shouldn't have bread at this stage ....but thought maybe this was a choice.
  14. Starting solids

    Ok.... I'm 7 weeks out and this weekend I will be starting solid foods. All the shakes and purees are a thing of the past. But I find myself being nervous because I really dont know what I should and should not be eating. I don't see my nut for a week and a I'm on my own for awhile . Anyone have some ideas to get me started ?
  15. Carbonated Mineral Water

    Funny how different programs are... I was told never to have any carbonated beverage because the gas can stretch your pouch over time.