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  1. Who knew it would ever happen to me!

    Congrats Jeannie! I am so happy for you! All the Single Staplers sisters are all married, dating or getting married now.....well except for me! My sister had a beautiful wedding at sunset on the beach. Very small, close friends and family and then a very nice bigger reception. Since I am so far away, a picture of you two would be nice, hint hint. Especially since you have had the same avatar since I joined this site over 3 years ago silly! Happy planning!!!
  2. Angela now Angela P

    Oh my goodness! I am so happy for you Angela. Congratulations!
  3. Everyone Post a Photo TODAY!

    Holly you look amazing! Great job. You shuld be so proud!!!
  4. What on earth is going on around here?

    Love you too Rah Rah!!!
  5. What on earth is going on around here?

    CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG???? Ok...I just spent alot of time catching up on all this drama. I NEVER post anymore and this is actually why, but I had to post and say something here! First of all...I fully understand where Robin and Bridg are coming from and could not agree with them more. When I was first looking into WLS, I came here and was literally addicted to the site. I researched on here, I made friends on here and loved coming on here and talking with Bridg and Robin, Dara, watergirl, Jeanine, and Irela and her husband Bill just to name a few and many other regulars whom are no longer here posting! What a bundle of knowledge and help they all were to me and I could not have asked for better help. Bridg, you were one who came to see me in the hospital and I will forever remember that. I appreciated it then and still do to this day. There is 12 pages here of nonsense , B.S. and drama. The whole point of this thread has literally been thrown out the window. Robin and Bridg did not post anything to hurt anyones feelings. If yall take it that way, then you have some personal issues that you need to deal with outside of this forrum. EVERYONE here needs get get back into focus as to why we are all here, and that is to help eachother out with out WLS issues and struggles and challenges. Thats including pre-op, post-op and us long termers as well. Stop posting mean, rude and vindictive comments about eachother. This is not a soap opera so please do not make it one. Move on from this thread and lets all be nice to eachtother and help one another out with love and concern!
  6. Happy Birthday, Denise!!

    H A P P Y H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y
  7. Our Little Bumble Bee

    Jendaya is as precious as ever! A big Congratulations to you and your husband!
  8. TT Before & After...

    Oh my goodness Angela! It has benn SO long since I have seen you! Your tummy looks great! Handsome Boyfriend. Glad things are going well for you! Dont be a stranger to the forrum!
  9. Hi Rain..... I am looking for a silpada ring, it is the ring that has the marble in it. I believe you get 4 marbles? Anyway can I get a catalog from you? Thanks...
  10. Running total of TT weight loss

    How did you get that picture of my Cindy. LOL, I swear thats what all my skin and boobs look like. Sacrey thought! YUCK Previous 2592.5 My Loss 160 New Total 2752.5
  11. anyone in surprise arizona

    Leah, I live out in Buckeye..................about 40 minutes from you. If you want to talk about anything, let me know!!!!! I would love to have GBP friend close to me.
  12. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday today. May the coming year ahead of you be as great as last year was! Miss you Girl!
  13. Happy Birthday Dara

    Sorry I am late, I was in Havasu all weekend but I hope that you had a fantastic Birthday because you are one fantastic lady!!! Happy Happy Birthday Dara!
  14. Before and recent

    Britt..... You look GREAT! Congratulations on your awesosme success.
  15. Good luck to you today! Things will be great! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wild ride in the months to come!