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  1. Have them check for bowel intussception or blockage. I had low left pain and ended up getting my bowels resectioned. Don't mention that you think it has anything to do with bypass at all. I hope your insurance company will work with you before it becomes an ER visit. Good luck
  2. Hi Dr. Callery, I had my GBP 10/25/04. I had a family loss about 8 months ago and have gaines 30 lbs. I'm up in the 190s' again and getting fearful of getting over 200 lbs again. What do you suggest. I heard something about a "pouch test"? I just joined weight watchers points plus program and am trying to get motivated but am really not feeling it. I have struggled with Anemia a few times along the journey and was declined for blood donation last week so I suspect that "may" be part of my problem. Just thought I would run it by you for advice. Appreciate your time, Melanie
  3. If anyone would like to donate their plus size womans clothing to a worthy cause - The Family Recovery Center in Oceanside CA is in dire need. I can arrange pick up and delivery if you'd like to contact me - text 858-361-3036 Thanks, Melanie The clothing will go to women in recovery.
  4. How very exciting! Congrats on making one of the best choices ever! You will love the new you in very short time you will see the progress. Don't worry! GOD brought you here for a reason and it will all work out. Good Luck and I'll keep you in my prayers I had my surger in 2004 and don't ever regret it...