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  1. I had the exact thing. It brought me to years when I moved just right to set it off. I'm 8 months post op and this was early out. My surgeon said it was most likely a snagged suture caught in a nerve. And it would subside once the suture dissolved. It lasted post op over a month . And just like he said it just went away.
  2. It will definitely tell u. Mine is pressure, hot flash, nausea and at times even a headache.
  3. I'm 8 months out and still having hair loss. Thank God I started with a thick full head of hair. I hate this so much. I was told it should slow down by month 9.... Lets see
  4. I hear your frustration... I'm in the same boat. 16 pounds to go!!
  5. Welcome to your new life. I'm 8 months out, down 90 lbs and can't begin to tell you that this was the best decision I have ever made just for me. You will be in for many challenges, frustrations, moments you are speechless. Above all are the questions you will have. This place is amazing with so many helpful people. We will help you as start your new journey. Congrats
  6. I'm 7 months out. Mine stared falling out at 4 months post op. I started with thick hair thank God. Just had my 6 month post op, I was reassured its a side effect and it will stop. Fr most it's around 9 months post op some longer. I just stared Biotin so can't help you on feed back, Ovation is very expensive for my wallet.
  7. At seven months out I'm better at chewing and eating slow. But now and then I get too excited when it's time I eat. And that horrible pain and nausea just in the center often chest starts. Then the foamies start and it's a mad dash to the bathroom. I'm finding that when it does happen now I gross out on wanting to eat that same meal again. But it does get better with time and enough bad experiences will teach you
  8. Don't panic. I'm 7 months post op and for the last 2 months have been hitting sudden stops. Just keep following your diet , keep up on your protein and exercising. I was stuck as 182 for a while. I work out 2x a week at a local MMA gym and started hiking. My weight started dropping, then I was stuck again at 178. I added a boxing class 2x a week and its back to moving again. I'm now at 173. I'm not suggesting you take crazy classes. My point was try to change up your physical routine
  9. Any advice on what I can do. I'm seven months out and 82 lbs down. But the last 20 just arent going. I hike once a week and do a TRX class 2x a week, I'm a nurse so I walk all day long.
  10. Congrats on your progress. I understand how others are reacting to you. I still will catch reflections of myself and I don't recognize myself, lol
  11. I'm at my 6 month post op. my hair has been falling out for several months now. I thank God I started with a full head of thick hair, my nutritionist said most patients who have this will see it thru up and around the 9 months mark.
  12. Totally normal. It will this way for several months...
  13. I never wake up in the morning and say " oh yay today is the day I go to the gym". I just go, I have made it part of my routine (Mon., Wed., Thurs) and its on my drive home from work. It has helped boost my weight loss and push thru those platues. And I feel so proud of myself for surviving yet another crazy TRX class. I was even complimented Monday, my classmates noticed me keeping up
  14. I understand this one, and I continue to be blown away. I find myself taking double takes when I pass my reflection. Moving out of the big girl aisle when buying clothes is new for me. I actually walked out of the store the other day when i was trying to buy my christmas party outfit. There were so many choices it just got to be so overwhelming. In the big girl aisle your limited on your choices. I'm feeling bones in weird places. Last time my weight was at this number was 15 years ago But to be truthful .....I'm loving every minute with the new me
  15. You look amazing! Congrats, you should be so proud of yourself.