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  1. I have a sonic, a blender that does "snow ice", and some SF punch mix too.........When I get home, it is about to be on ! Thanks for the idea
  2. I am 8 weeks post-op and I know this feeling very well. Bobby D.........that made my day. I am looking forward to all these milestones. Actually, this morning was the first time in history that I tried to wear something and when I put it on, it was TOO BIG !! I couldn't even wrap my mind around it. I have been spending so long worried about something being too small, that the feeling of too big "scared me" !
  3. Okay, tomorrow I will be four weeks out and I still wake up with nausea EVERYDAY ! This makes it hard to take vitamins, get in my fluids, my proteins, and even work outs in. I am scared of vomiting...seriously scared, even though I can keep most food down, but the nausea makes me not even want to try to eat. Beef and chicken seems to not agree with Mr. poochie (yes I named my pouch). Fish now seems to give me a bad feeling too. I have nothing more to eat it seems like. I know I am doing major harm to my body, but what can I do? Any help with early food ideas (soft foods) or help with nausea?
  4. I had to that same problem......I went without a bra for about two weeks (didn't leave the house though). I used socks under each...LOL