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  1. Have Quest bars changed?

    It's been a long time since I've had a Quest bar but I bought some at an airport GNC recently and found them to have a much softer texture than I remember. They also seemed sweeter. I am not a fan of the change.
  2. Team 5DPT

    I'm a bit late to the party, but think a pouch test is a fine idea. I've gained 25 pounds since my husband died and I went into don't-give-a-crap mode. If I eat carbs like a normal person, I gain weight and I'm perilously close to that 200-pound mark.
  3. Bothered by all the artificial sweeteners

    Whenever I'm in Japan, I notice that almost nothing has artificial sweeteners. I've seen Coke Zero at a hotel that caters to tourists, but that's it. Obesity is pretty unusual there, in spite of a rather starchy diet and fabulous bakeries everywhere you turn. Is there a connection between the lack of artificial sweeteners and the low rate of obesity? Maybe not, but it does make one think.
  4. Hard time eating in Japan

    I took protein bars with me, but not enough. Fortunately, the convenience stores here can provide decent cheese and plain yogurt, so I'm using these to fill in protein between meals. If I relied on meals for protein, I'd be sunk. Pleasure trip. It's raining a lot but we're having a good time anyway.
  5. Hard time eating in Japan

    With all these starches, I can't figure out how they're all so tiny here. I had ramen for lunch today—a bowl of noodles the size of a bathtub artfully topped with a few bean sprouts, an unidentified green vegetable, two shrimp, half a boiled egg, and a small slice of fatty pork. I ate all the toppings and a few noodles. I love the food here but I'm not getting nearly enough protein.
  6. Hard time eating in Japan

    I've been here before, I know what it's like, I brought protein bars with me, and I'm still having a hard time. Meals here are never ala cart—they come as "sets" with no substitutes. Usually you get a lot of starch, some vegetables, and a little protein. Everything seems to revolve around rice, noodles, and bread, all of which tend to trigger reactive hypoglycemia in me. Plus, many of the protein choices are unappealing. I love visiting Japan, but my tummy does not.
  7. Legumes

    Refried beans were a staple when I was in the soft-foods phase but now that I'm four years out and can eat a lot more, I find that I have to limit them or take acarbose.
  8. Calling all widow(er)s

    Thank you for the link. My husband died very recently and unexpectedly. I haven't even begun to process it.
  9. OMG, Kirkland protein bars

    I'm not a huge fan of protein bars, but I think the Quest bars taste pretty good. They do affect my blood sugar more than their numbers would suggest, so I don't eat them regularly but save them as an emergency snack to tuck in my purse or sometimes as a reward for going to the gym.
  10. OMG, Kirkland protein bars

    Those of you with a Costco nearby will have to check out Kirkland brand protein bars. They appear to be Quest bars packed under the Kirkland label. The box contains cookie dough and brownie flavors and, at 20 bars for $17.99, they're quite a deal.
  11. diabetes, kidneys and the sleeve

    Yes, I know the theory, but I am just as insulin resistant as I was before surgery with the added problem of a system that seems to dump carbs into my bloodstream almost instantly.
  12. Food of the Day (pictured)

    Lunch: Leftover beef pot roast, green onions, clementines.
  13. diabetes, kidneys and the sleeve

    In my opinion, diabetes gets better only because you're eating fewer carbs.
  14. Food of the Day (pictured)

    Today's breakfast: Avocado and smoked salmon with a bit of cracked pepper.