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  1. Well, somewhere along the way on your "surgery experience site" you asked if anyone is still reading it~ My answer is definitivley YES~ Thanks for adding the link. It was good to read someones experience over so many years, the good the bad and the ugly. I think everyones' experiences fall somewhere along the spectrum of yours. Some better, some the same some worse. I am only 1 1/2 years out, I lost a whole bunch the first 9mo, and from that point on it has been slow to completely plateaued. The fact that I no longer hurt all over, can't walk accross the street, am hot all the time, can eat a horse if I felt like it, is all good~ Without the surgery I would still be back there. I have had some complications, not many, although some of the things that you posted as bad things, I just chalked up to the experience. I have a bad back (my whole life) so perhaps I am a bit more pain tolerant than most, so a lot of the stuff has been a bother but hasnt really bugged me too much. I am not losing right now and have gained a few back, but I'm good with that, I am just enjoying wearing some normal clothes, and being able to move around and not be burning up hot all the time anymore. So anyway thanks for posting your link. It was a good read. I needed that right now. I havent really been keeping up with any info on WLS for a while. And I think I need to check in more often, and keep myself motivated a bit more. I have a tendancy to be happy with where I am and be complacent, and not being proactive and motivated. So, thanks! And definately keep your site thread going!! You look great, love the morphing pictures! Carol
  2. Hey Sweetie! I sent you a Personal e-mail~ Doin good! I have been pretty busy with my business, and the rest of my times with my girls. Gosh I am sorry I missed your Christmas party!! It's amazing how fast time flies by! It's already summer. Are you going to be ready for your bikini??!! My weight has just stopped, and actually I have been gaining a few back, mostly because I am too lazy to exercise! And I moved from a losing diet to a maintenance diet. If I go back on losing diet again, I am sure I will break the plateau. I'm not really worried about it. I am just past the point of being so heavy that I was miserable and hot all the time. Those days are gone. If and when I get as thin and stunning as you and Bridget and Dara and the rest of you who have been on it everyday, I will be happy. But I'm good to go, right now. My surgery was a success, because it continues to limit my portions. Even if my eyes are too big for my stomache, it doesnt matter, I can only eat about a cup or usually less, at mealtime. Sometimes when I try to sneak a snack in, I can only eat a small amount too. So the basic rule of "portion control" is working beautifully due to my surgery. I now eat pretty much what I want, back to normal food. I do have problems with a few things which has been the same right from the beginning, I have problems with meat. I just don't tolerate it well. So I have to be really cautious about eating slowly and lot's of chewing before I swallow. I have never drank another carbonated beverage again since my surgery! And I try to stay away from fatty, or sweets, or snacky foods. But I did add my evening wine back. I know................empty calories, but not comepletely empty, because it makes me feel so good, and relaxed, and back to normal, so that's gotta be some good right?? LOL Anyway, gosh it's good to be back and seeing how everyone is doing!!! You girls all look gorgeous!! This site is looking like "America's Next Top Models"!!
  3. My hair color is about the same but around 7months out my hair began falling out like crazy. My clothes, my pillow, my brush, everything was full of long hair strands. It was pretty scary!! It was falling out at such a rate I was totally afraid it was never goint to stop! But it did~ Thank God!! I had it all cut off into a cute little short haircut, so you couldnt tell how thin it had become. And when it starts to come back in (it has started) it won't look so weird~ Carol
  4. Dale, This is so right on~ and I will be right behind with the @*# kickin~ This is something your insurance company has to get involved with. Or an appropriate attorney (if your insurance is for whatever reason telling you the won't cover this surgery) to support you and get behind you and go through the legal channels. You should not be in pain! and you should not be held responsible for a botched surgery~ This is the domain of your insurance company, the doctor you botched you and potentially an appropriate attorney who knows the ropes with going after malpractice doctors, and insurance companies who are refusing to get behind you and pay for surgery. If you have beem in pain as long as I know you have, I feel so bad for you, you shouldnt be here at this point. This has gone on way too long (especially when I was asking for help you were there for me, and told me what I should be expecting) and you need to get this mess fixed, so you can get on with your life and get out of pain and back up and rolling sweetie! I am sending you all of my most positive thoughts and prayers!!!!
  5. I'm with Dara~ I've been gone (but not forgotten, I hope!) for a while too! Just trying to get on with my life. I'm about 1 year 6 mo from surgery. And I too had a hernia op, earlier this year. In my case the hernia was probably always there it was just hidden by all the fat. When I went in for hernia surgery I researched it so heavily~ Talked to everyone on this list and looked elsewhere too check out all the complications that migh arise. I went into my doctor and questioned evert inch of the operation. What kind of mesh they would use (Gortex), how it was going to be attached, where, and I found out a lot about the surgery. I went in and got the surgery and it was freakin over $30,000.00 (we knew because we saw the bill that was sent to my insurance). I can't in my wildest dreams see how "donations" from this list ( "even $1.00 if you can spare it") would cover the cost of hernia repair or worst yet complications. This is an insurance thing, not a donation thing. No matter how generous this list is not going to cover these expenses! Dale, you were having hernia related problems when I was making all my questions and requests for information. I am really sorry yours is still hanging on not resolved. My hernia repair was pretty miserable, way more painful than the WLS surgery, but mine came out OK. I do still have a lot of stomache ache problems when I eat solid foods, especially things like corn, or rice (they just seem to get stuck), but all in all my hernia repair was succesful and I got on with things. I have some problems sometimes when bend in just the right way or lift things all cattywampus,I can feel the gortexed area pulling a bit. But not abnormal pain or complications for sure. You need to go to your insurance company and have them tell you who to go to. Going back to the same guy who messed it up is definately not the way to go, unless he (doc) is saying "yes we can fix it" and your insurance co will get in there and cover it~ I agree with Bridget and others who say you need to get an attorney, or go after your insurance. If you are sick, and in pain go to your primary care physician (which you must be if you are taking pain meds) and have him/her diagnose and get you to the appropriate doctor~ Dale you actually helped me alot with the correct questions to ask my surgeon, without your help I would have been totally ignorant about what they were going to do, and what was the best most full proof approach. I am so sorry you are still miserable out there. But fixing what is wrong with you is an insurance issue (very expensive) not a list issue (where you are going to bring in a couple hundred dollars at best. I hope you can navigate this mess, and get the appropriate fix~ No one should have to live with pain everyday from someones (doctors) inability to correct the problem. I hope I didnt sound like dictator here, but you need to get an opinion from a doctor who understands what the problem is and get your insurance in there to work this out~
  6. Mine started around 6-7 months out. It came out all over the place. I had long strands of hair all over my clothes for a month, it came out in my brush, while showering, on my pillow. It was pretty scary. It stopped after about 2 months. I would say I lost somewhere near to 1/2 my hair volume. I am 13 months out now, and the hair loss has completely stopped. My hair seems very thin now, almost grandma like. I see some little nubs of regrowth but not a lot. I hope it all comes back in~
  7. I had the same thing and I just thought it was totally related to my GBS. Stomache cramping, vomiting and diareah. I thought I was dumping. And just began to decrease more and more of my eating and my fluids. Turned out I had a stomach flu, and I ended up severely dehydrated, which unfortunatley caused a huge drop in my blood pressure, and I got ischemic colitis. Have yourself checked out please. And be careful to keep hydrating yourself!! Because of our small pouches, we do not hydrate easily, it takes a lot of attention to re-hydrate when you have the flu or fever. I was not paying attention to this, and was more concerned with the throwing up and the diareaha thinking I was just struggling with a bad bout of dumping. NOT! I ended up in the hospital for a week with this bloody diareah colitis thing. It was not pretty. I had to be IV hydrated for 7 days. Go see a doctor. If you have the flu, make sure to drink, drink, drink as much water as you can~ Take care!
  8. I am over a year out and I still cannot eat more than about 1/2 a cup at a time. I have never eaten more than 1/2 cup, I have never pushed my stomache, had anything with carbonation and I have also never packed my stomache with water. I think a lot of these things tend to stretch the stomache over time. I still cannot get in any more than 1/2 cup of food. When I have 1/2 cup I just cannot go any farther. So my pouch has really kept me from over eating. I am now where I can eat pretty much what I want. I eat about 6 times a day, only 1/2 cup at a time or less. I snack on fruits and things like vegies and cottage cheese, or fruit and peanut butter. Sometimes I have a cookie or a peice of candy but my stomache really doesnt allow anymore than that so I don't ever feel like I am going to over eat or keep on eating. I think if you keep your pouch small by not pushing it, it will stay small for you and your ability to over eat is not a problem~
  9. I had a hernia repair several months ago, abominal hernia. It looked like I was pregnant with a hamster! Mine was straight down my sternum and a little to the right. When I ate it popped right out, and it did hurt. It felt much better when I didnt eat or ate very little. Mine didnt hurt too much with pressure, but did hurt when it was pooching out. When the doc checked it out, I had a little sensitivity to his palpating it, but not too bad. Most of my pain came related to eating. I probably had this hernia before my GBS surgery, I was just so fat you couldnt see it. It became more an more apparent as my weight went down and the fat on my stomache and front abdomen area started going away. I think the GBS surgery irratated it in some way though, because as time went on it became more and more painful when I ate. Anyway I had the "gortex patch" done and the first month was pretty bad, but as it has healed I really don't have any more problems with it, unless I try to pick up something really heavy and then I still do feel it. Not sure if that is going to be forever of if is still healing. Hope your visit to the doc clears up the mystery for you~
  10. I too have stalled with my weight loss. Mine sort of slowed down to a crawl around 7 months out too. I am not complaining because everything else in mu life is back to normal only 1 year and 1 month out. I eat normally (just way way less!), and I don't feel deprived anymore. I have had to learn to drink more water (still working on that), but I have also allowed myself to have my glass of wine in the evenings again. That really makes my day and my life complete. I do water my wine way down now though, half wine, half propel water and a splash of fruit juice. So it is like a fruity wine cooler. I think over time I will lose a pound here and there, and I am Ok with that. I am hovering around a 16 in clothes and that feels a heck of a lot better than 26!!! So life is OK. I am pretty tall so 16 looks pretty good on me~ Hope you guys are all having wonderful holidays. Sorry I missed the party, I saw the picture. Everyone looked so beautiful, festive, and.................skinny!! LOL
  11. Kristen, I had a hernia repair several months ago. It was all lapropscopic, but it was ( at least to me~) way more painful and miserable than the GBS! I was so not ready for it. I thought, well it couldnt be that much, the GBS surgery was so much more intrusive. But truth be told I cried and cried after the hernia repair. I was so shocked at how much pain was associated to it. I never used my pain killer IV drip button with my GBS surgery. I used it every 20 minutes after hernia repair and had to get another IV of it!! I hope you are doing better now. But don't feel guilty or like you are being a baby about this. It really really hurts!!! And recovery takes time too. My repair was abdominal, so my gortex patch that was stapled to my abdominal wall is halfway under my right rib. After the surery everything was so inflamed my rib kept getting caught on the damn patch. Sometimes at night I would get so locked up I couldnt move until my husband came around to my side of the bed an helped me. Hang in there! Several months and it is full recovery. But it definately is a Bit**!!! Carol
  12. Hey any of you guys with great ideas please let's get this thread going. My kids hate the over the counter protein bars (and so do I!!) they are so waxy and flavorless!! Iwould love to get a thread going with you guys who have tried the protein bar recipes, and lets get some cool good ideas going that can be made at home!!!! I need ideas, recipes,and input! Who knows maybe we are onto something for post WLS people who are having the same experiences!!
  13. Woah, I wouldnt get a perm only 7 weeks out. Permanant wave solution and neutralizers are seriously strong chemicals and they create quite an assualt on your hair. WLS already is a big assault. I would be very cautious about that.