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  1. Thank you so much Charmedd and Bugdoc - sure enough my calcium soft chews are not citrate so back to the celebrate ones for me. You guys are a wonderful group of friends and a fantastic support system. Thanks again.
  2. centrum chewables

    I take the centrum chewable vitamins and the GNC chocolate soft chew calcium as well as a soft chew D3 and Biotin from GNC - they are a nice treat and my bloodwork levels are good. Hope this helps.
  3. This is going to sound crazy but since we need to take in 3 calciums per day - I found chocolate soft chews (calcium) at GNC. They are sweet and delicious and I have one after every meal, even breakfast. I am also the all or nothing girl and can't get back into old habits. After my meal I am often very full and find that a soft chew gives me a sweet alternative. They taste like tootsey rolls and we need to take in the clacium anyway. Try it. Let me know what you think. They also have soft chews for D3 and Biotin. That way you can have more treats throughout the day and get the recomended vitamins.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am days away from my 6 month post surgery mark. I started at 221 lbs and am now 171 lbs. This has been a slow but sure process form me and at times discouraging. I do have to say I have been a inches loser more than a pound loser. The moral of the story is that I am so happy that I made the decision to have the bypass surgery and have no regreats. I am in a size 12 and look so much better and more than that I am looking and feeling healthy. I am now a good example to my pre-teen children. I even joined a gym (not their best member but i go 2 times weekly) I still have a ways to go but I have plenty of will power and time. The pounds didnt come on over night and they certainly arent being lost over night. I have had a good amount of hairloss between month 3-5 and am so glad thats over. I am deficiant in a few virtamins and go for B-12 shots. At times my blood sugar drops but a cheese stick and crackers bring it right back. It is a lifestyle change and my only word of wisdom are to wait until your heart and MIND are ready to make this huge change. Its not easy to walk away from the foods and habits that once were such a comfort to you. You must be ready to walk away forever and never look back. Good luck to you all and if I can do this so can you. I am hoping to lose another 40 pounds before i am done. Wish me luck!!!
  5. I'm shrinking

    Thank you all for responding, I am hoping I fit into the slow and steady losing group. It's just hard to stay the same time after time. I am going to increase my exercise and my water/ protein intake. You guys are the best support. Thank You
  6. I'm shrinking

    Hello everyone, It has been 2 months since my gastric bypass. I am feeling very good and shrinking sizes in my clothes. I went from a size 20 down to a 16 and now they are getting a bit loose. My issus is that my weight isn't coming off as fast as I would like. I am down 35 pounds. I lost most of this weight in the first month and seem to have stalled the entire second month. It is very frustrating. I am very active and am eating 3-4 small meals a day. I am interested in hearing what has helped others. Thank you!!!!
  7. Coffee?

    I was in love with coffee also. GUESS WHAT? I can't stand the flavor now!!! I had my gastric bypass on 4/16/12 and have tried to have a cup of coffee on three different occasions. Coundn't tolorate the taste. Now I enjoy tea. Hot and Cold. Good luck and let me know how it goes for you.
  8. In need of some ideas

    I do like the fact that I dont need to explain a major weight loss to people - and slow and steady does win the race. Just want to get to the finish line a bit faster. I love all the helpful responses. Its just nice to be amongst friends. Thank you all!!!
  9. In need of some ideas

    Thank you all for the encouragement. I have begun eating more frequently and I think I am getting in a good amount of protein and calories. Hope the weight begins to come off more rapidly now. I am also going to follow your advice and get moving a bit more.
  10. Hi everyone, I had gastric bypass 6 weeks ago and have lost only 27 pounds. I lost 17 pounds with the pre-op liquids and during the week after surgery. The following month only 10 more pounds. I have been told that I am not taking in enough calories (i am getting aprox. 400-500 per day). I have no appitite. I ate throughout the day yesterday and the day before and felt awful. It was such a forced event. I am drinking my shakes and they are going well. Any suggestions? I am walking but maybe need to step up the exercise.
  11. Hi:) I'm new

    Hi Ara, I had my gasric bypass 5 weeks ago and also had a very tough time getting in all the water and protein. Just keep sipping at it all day long - My doctor recommended and water bottle with a sport top on it. He also said to keep the bottle with me at all times and dont worry about taking in lots of fluid at one time, but to sip it all day long and you will find you get the right amount. I also found that crystal light was more tolorable than plain water. Sugar free ice pops were a nice change as well. Keep working at it. I am feeling great and working hard to get in all the meals at this point.!!!! Good luck. It does get better.
  12. Confused and scared in Oregon!

    I had the Gastric Bypass just one month ago and everything is fine. I had the same fears (i have 4 kids) and was more worried about my husband having to do this all alone. He was very supportive and everything went as planned. The day of surgery I was emotional but as soon as i got to the hospital and went through the routine of getting checked in and set up I was calm. Remember the most important things are to bring chap stick and WALK as soon and as much as possible. Good luck!
  13. Hello everyone, I am 2 weeks post surgery today!!!! I feel very good and have lost 18 pounds all together. Is it typical to stall out at this point? I was averaging a pound a day then nothing over the weekend. I went for a nice long walk last night and will continue doing so. Thanks for all the good advice you all give.
  14. Tylenol PM

    Is it ok to take one tylenol pm 1 week after bypass surgery? I called my surgeons office to inquire about what to take for headaches once you give up your pain meds. I didn't take any pain meds once i got out of the hospital. The nurse said I could take any tylenol products. I have had much trouble sleeping at night now that I have had surgery. I took one tylenol pm and am now wondering if that was ok. Whats your take?
  15. 1st day home

    Hi everyone, I had my surgery on Monday 4/16. Lap band removed and gastric bypass done. I came home yesterday evening and am doing well. I'm having minimal pain and a bit tired. Thanks for all your thoughts and wishes. Everything went well.