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  1. Hey guys. Just and update and some questions for you all. First of all I started at 314 date I was 288 ...this morning I weighed in at 230.2 im 6'2'' and my goal weight is 190lbs. I have not worked out or done anything physical. I have niticed im starting to have a little loose skin on my thighs and under my arms so I want to start working out BUT im concerned because for one the weight has came off so fast how fast is it going to fall off if I start exercising. I always said I would rather lose it slow and healthy. And my second concern is that im barely reaching 1000 calories a day and around 60 protein a day am I getting enough in to not get sick from working out.
  2. 10/1 is my vsg.. congrats October sleevers
  3. I got my approval letter and my surgery is scheduled for October 1 2012. I'm getting so very nervous second guessing myself. I have lost 23 pounds pre op but still feeling like I might not be ready for what's about to happen. I still eat bad foods and have a hard time believing in myself and my ability to do well after surgery. I just don't want to be someone who is wasteful of the tool they are given and not be able to lose the weight that I want to.
  4. I working at the hospital my surgeon operates at and today I ran into him in the cafeteria on lunch break. I'm still prop and was so glad I had chose to eat a salad today lol. But seriously it was nice to have him notice me hearing some people say that their surgeons don't really get on a personal level with them. Excited for surgery even more now !!!!
  5. It went fine. The nutritionist was there she talked about protein and making sure we were getting enough and spreading it out through the day. THen there was an owner of a bike shop there to give demos for other options to work out
  6. Help. I'm so nervous I'm going to my first support group meeting tonight that's held by my surgeons office. What if there is not many people or if there are a ton of people and I get overlooked. Sorry for rambling its just so unnerving to me that I don't know anyone there or what's going to go on in the meeting
  7. Doing better today trying to take it one day at a time
  8. My fiance and I just broke up I'm in my 5th month of my supervised diet I don't wanna undo all the hard work I have done thus far...... Any suggestions on what to do to get my mind off things besides a gallon of Ben and jerrys and a box of Kleenex lol
  9. Anyone use Dr malipur in Huntsville Alabama at Huntsville hospital
  10. Technogal I was told that because the asthma hasn't been worse or better with previous weight loss
  11. I have asthma that won't go away wig the weight loss I have had it since I was 2. With that being said I generally have to take steroids two to three times per year to calm my flair ups. Can either the byapss or the sleeve effect my ability to take steroids. I know many have mentioned not being able to take nsaids but was just curious about this in particular sorry to ramble
  12. cdscott89


    Does having wls affect your ability to donate blood. Haven't seen this posted and thought I would ask because i give quite often.....has anyone donated post wls?
  13. I had not decided to have surgery yet when we got engaged if I wasn't having surgery then there would be no question about it o would be getting married when I intended
  14. My fiance and I got engaged on Christmas eve 2012 and had planned on getting married in April of 2013.... Well fast forward and now I am in my fourth month of my pre op 6 month plan and I'm trying to decide of we should put the wedding off untill after I loose some of or all of the weight I want to loose.(my surgery should be in October ) I just don't want to look back and wish the pictures were different or what not. He is an amazing man and he has been so supportive of my desicion to have surgery I am not putting the wedding off because of doubts simply because I want to look back on the special day and see how happy I was not wishing I could loose 30 more pounds. And then there is the wedding dress how do you order a dress knowing your going to be loosing massive amounts of weight. Any thoughts?
  15. Bcbs of al. By going to my family doctor I'm referring to the six month supervised diet which is the initial visit plus six so seven total. I called the surgeons office they said I don't have to do the psych eval for my insurance just a visit wig the nutritionist which isn't required untill I'm approved sooooooo only 4 more monthly visits and I'm ready to turn everything in to get approved. Yea!!!!